Decorating and baking

Have I told you that I love decorating-shows on TV? If not, now you know! Today I watched Oprah, a woman I adore, and it was todays show was centered around decorating. It was really fun to watch!

After dinner, where I ate some delish grilled salmon, I watched a Norwegian decorating show, called Tid for Hjem (time for home directly translated). They were re-doing a room in the third floor with tilted roof and windows in the roof. Ah, I’ve always wanted a room like that. This too, was really fun to watch.

White watching TV, I suddenly got an urge to bake something. It had to be easy and not so messy. So I decided to bake something that’s called vannbakkels in Norwegian. I have no idea what they are called in English, sorry.


The recipe goes like this:

3 decilitre of water
130 grams of butter
130 grams of flour
4 eggs

Boil up water with the butter in it. Take the casserole from the heat and pour in the flour. Stirr until the dough slipps from the bottom of the casserole. Place it somewhere to get cold (in the frigde or even bettter; at the balcony).

Stirr in the eggs. It’s best to use a mechanical whisk (right word?). Put backing paper on a tray and take a spoonfull of dough on the tray for each cookie.

Put it in the oven on 180 degrees celsius for about 30 minutes.

Decorate them with icing. Put some foodcolor in the icing to make them more fun-looking.

Yum! The great thing that was that they were so airy inside. I sometimes have trouble making them airy inside, they just fall flat and ends up looking like a pancake.

Nom. Nom. Nom. I’ve already eaten three. Uhm… or was it four? I’ve lost count ;)

One response to Decorating and baking

  1. Dutch tulip

    Oh that sounds and looks totally delicious!! I think its totally awesome that you bake, i have to try it too! Xx

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