Old bottle becomes new

bottleI was tidying up all the bottles I should go the the grocerystore and get recycled and then I see an empty vodka-bottle (from the Netherlands) among my wine-bottles. I pick it up, look at it and find it pretty. And I thought;, maybe I can use it for something?

I put it in my kitchen sink with some hot water to get the lable off it and then dried it. I realised it would be great as a vase.

So I went into the living-room and found some fake gerberra that I had put aside and voila :)

I really like this. I placed it in the middle, at my big diningtable. It looks great there. I might try some real gerberras in it one day, but for now I’m ok with the fake ones.

I just love it when I can use something old and make it new again.

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