Second hand store and more

Ah! I went to that second hand store I told about during Christmas. The one close to were I live. Ellen and I went there yesterday. It’s more of a combined second hand store and antique store.

My oh my. It was huge! If I said they had a million different items, it might be close to the truth. At least 90 % of it was just “junk”, but there were some cool stuff there too. Too bad the cool stuff were so expensive.

I found a few gems I really wanted to buy, but was unsure of wether I should spend money on or not. If I’d been insanly rich I would’ve bought everything right away. But sadly, I’m not insanly rich.

I saw an original Monopoly game from 1950’s. It was so cool. It looked better than the new ones. I like the old-fashion look of it. I love monopoly and would really like to buy that game! The price was 400 NOK which is a lot of money. And I’m not sure that is the best place to place my money on right now.

I also saw a lot of supercool cake-boxes. That is nothing I really need, but they were really cool. One was with drawings from the Junglebook (Rudyard Kipling, you know). Some was actually the same as my mum has (just different shape) and that made me a bit nostalgic. heh.  The cakenboxes was so expensive. Most of them costed 300 NOK each. Sigh.

I’m not gonna buy that expensive cake-boxes. But I might buy that Monopoly-game. Just not right now.  I’ll wait until the end of february and see how my finacial status is then. If it’s sold by then, I’m not gonna cry. I’ll live.

This weekend I’ve done a lot of cleaning and tiding up in my apartment and the storage room I got in the basement. On friday, there was a container outside my apartment were we could throw away trash and other things we would like to get rid of. I finally got rid of my broken vcr and about 10 empty or nearly empty painting buckets. That was good to get rid of! It’s nice to walk around in my apartment, now that it’s all tidy and clean :)

Speaking of my broken VCR. I was looking through my DVD’s and VHS’s today. Suddenly a heartbreaking thing hit me. I only got the Waterdance on VHS. The Waterdance is one of my fave movies of all times and I’ve seen it at least 10 times, if not 15.  I’ve lost count. Now i can’t see it anymore cos I don’t have a VCR :( I tried to find it on DVD online. The only place that had it was on, but it was insanly expensive. I’m still shocked about the price of it. One sold it new for over 60$. Hello!?! What’s that all about?

Something abit more cheerful. I got an email today from youtube. A band called White Lies recommened me to check out their music. Not sure why they sent it to me. Hm. Maybe they sent it out to all youtube users? Hmm. Well, whatever… I checked them out. A smart move. I got to hear two songs and they were good. The song To Lose My Life is a really great song. Their first album is going to be out this month and I will definetly check it out! They are a bit like Joy Division, so no wonder I liked them.

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