(Out of) Control

It’s a long time since I’ve had a more fitting heading!

Taking the bus to work and back home is nice these days, since I got my U2 book. It’s very interesting and amusing! I love learn about all these facts I didn’t know of. At work, I’ve been listeing to U2 while working. Mostly Boy, where the song Out of Control is. But the last day I’ve head Stay (far way, so close), live version, on repeat. Such a great song.

What is a bit out of control I feel, is my shopping and need for new things. An unexpected bill came today. Well, I knew it would come, but I had sort of forgotten about it. I bought some Bob Dylan tickets for dad before Christmas. I paid for them with my credit card and dad paid me back. I forgot that he had already done it and I spent the money. So now I have a bill, with not enough money on my account. Thank god for my savings account.

Yesteday I was downtown. Should only buy a pair of stockings. But what do I have in my paper bag on my way home? No stockings, but a skirt on supersale and a new purse. Sigh. While buying the skirt, I came to think of a purse I saw before Christmas. I went to H&M to see if it maybe was on sale. I hadn’t really planned to buy it, if it was on full price, but… when I arrive at H&M and see that they only had one left, I sort of paniced and thought I may never have it. So I bought it. *shakes head* This will be my 20th purse or something. I lost count!

Thank god the salery comes in tomorrow, because my pockets are empty.

On a brighter side, thank god for free stuff. Now and then I a newsletter from Rockefeller, one of the best music-venues in Oslo. Now and then they have competitions and the price is two free tickets to see a band or a movie. can’t really call it a competition. The only thing you do, is the email them and write your name in the mail. Then they choose by the ones who has sent in a mail, which one gets tickes.  Most likely the price is quite odd for me and not very interesting, so I’ve never emailed them back. 

This time you could win tickets to see two movies. First Conrtol and then Joy Division. I know Joy Division was a band, but I had no clue about the movie. Obviously it must be a movie about the band. Control I’ve heard about. It got some attention when it came out. Anton Corbijn, who I adore, one one of the directors of the moive. All I knew was that it was about the lead singer from Joy Division, Ian Curtis, who hang himself at age 23.

I entered the competition on tuesday and got a response the same day that I’d won. I only see this today, since I hadn’t checked my mail the two last days. I ask Ellen if she want’s to join me and she  would.

So we meet at 18.30 and the film starts at 19.15.

The movie, which is shot in black/white, is great. It’s sad and interesting at the same time. At the ending, I just wait for the scene when he hang himself. I shred some tears when you see the rope and when the screen goes black seconds late. I shred some tears when I know his wife Debbie will return later with their baby daughter and find him in the kitchen. Poor Debbie. Poor guy with such a troubled mind.

On my way home, I picked the U2 book, but put it back in my purse without reading anything. I couldn’t take in other stories in my head now. I needed to reflect on the movie and just let it sink in.

A little funny thing, is that in the U2 book, U2 is recording their first album. They are in a studio in London. Guess who’s there too? Joy Division! Bono talks about seeing them in the studio and he was wow’ed by them.

The film, of course, contained a lot of music. Good music too. I’ve never heard anything of Joy Division. I’ve heard some (a few songs on youtube a while ago) New Order songs and knew in what direction the songs went. New order was by the way created by the other members of Joy Division. I know I have to check out Joy Division. Some of the songs really caught my attention. I have no idea what the songs name where, but since they only released one studio album, it won’t be that hard. There is released a lot of demo-songs and live stuff after his death too. This will be my next music project I think.

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