Scrapbooking session 1

Right before Christmas I got invited by Sissel to a scrapbooking day at her friend Guro’s pub. This was today.

I took the train at 13.20 and Sissel picked me up 14.10. We drove straight to Guro. The rest of the people would come around 15.00.  In total we were 11 girls in the pub. I knew Kristin, a friend of Sissel, who I was gonna ride with back home. A few people I’d seen once before, but there were most unknown people.

I brought a bag with cardboard and papers and a small box with different stuff in it. Most had LOTS of stuff. It was huge suitcases with all sorts of stuff.

When you do this for a whole day, you might think that you’ll have time to make lots of cards. But you don’t. The reason for that is that you also watch what others do. This way you get inspiration. And then you chat with the others and that doesn’t make you very efficient. But I don’t want days like that to be a card-making marathon. If I can make a few cards, I’ll be satisfied.

On todays list I had a few birthday cards. These three first months there are a few birthdays to cover; Ranjan, Lisbeth, Hanne, Sissel and Linda. And there are to births too that I need a card to.  So all in all, I need seven cards for the three first months.

Today I managed to make two of them. Both to Hanne. Well, one is for her baby-boy who will arrive sometime in March we think.



I like to make the cards fairly simple. Not sure if that really is because I can’t make it any more difficult or if it’s because I like simple. A combination maybe…

In between all the working, we did eat. Guro ordered four large pizzas. I can’t say I was very impressed with the local pizza place. 50% (two out of four) pizzas were not what we had ordered. We ordered a pizza with chicken and got something taco-ish. And we ordered something with beef on and got kebab-meat. They were good those pizzas too, it wasn’t that, but it was rather poorly that they came with the wrong pizza.

Oh and the pizza guy called and said he had trouble with his car. So Guro and Sissel went out, walked over the field outside Guro’s house and found the car having some trouble. They both had to push the car to get on the right track again. lol.

I was lucky enough to get a ride with Kristin back home. If not, I think I would’ve stayed the night at Sissel’s house. I’m glad that I could sleep in my own bed tonight.

Kristin developed a bad headache. She’d had it when she came, so she’d gotten a painkiller and beaten the headache. But the headache came back when we were leaving. And it was close to turn into a migrain. So, we were both quite silent in the car. Kristin had to keep silent and just concentrate on driving.

So while she was driving, I was sitting next to her thinking. I came up with some ideas for a new card;  Linda’s birthday-card. And I thought some of the scrabble project.

Right now I’m dead tired and should really go to bed. I’m hungry and should’ve eaten something, but I don’t have anything nice to eat. I don’t have any bread, just buns to heat up. And that takes forever. So I’m not gonna do that. I’ll just have a glass of milk and then hit the sack.

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