Project 1.09 – scrabble

Yesterday I recived a wonderful sms from Chantie. The parcel dude had come at 08.45 and delivered the belated birthday present I sent her. She was SO happy about the home-made rummy-cube game I gave her. That made me happy. I’ve kept the sms and read it a few times.

Knowing she got so happy, it makes me want to make something else. I want to create something more. I love making stuff  / crafts.

While riding the bus to see Lisbeth yesterday, I had some time thinking. I came up with an idea which I’m not sure will work. I thought about making another board-game. And I’ve been thinking of scrabble! Why not just buy it, you may think. Let me tell you something. It’s much more fun making it myself. It gives the game a personal touch. Anyone can buy a scrabble game, but not everyone can make it yourself!

I haven’t really figured out how to make it though. The tiles would be fairly easy. I can just get my dad to make me some or a lot of brick tiles. And I can write the letters on them.

It’s the actual board that will be a bit tricky. I’ve thought about a square wood board, but I would like to be able to fold it. Maybe I can make some sort of box I can fold and when it’s folded I can keep the bricks inside it?

Hmm… this needs a lot of thinking. The whole idea just might end up being an idea. Who knows? But for a while, I would like to play with the idea. At least I keep my creativity in motion.

I’m gonna go find my own scrabble and have a look at that;  study it a bit, just to get an idea of what I’m heading into.  

Didn’t I say that when a new year arrive, I always want to start new projects?! Well, here’s my first :)

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