Today I’ve updated my website with a bunch of nature-shots. I haven’t updated it in ages. So there were like twenty shots I had to add to that folder.

You know, I was going through my pictures at flickr, to find what pictures to upload to the webiste. And I see, apart from all the christmas shots, that I mostly upload nature / flower shots.

I would like to do some other stuff too, but I’m not that good at it. I would like to do some random street shot; like shoot from the hip while standing waiting for the bus or standing on a corner of a crowded street. I fear that someone will notise and start bitchin’ about it.

I also would like to shoot some architecture stuff too; like colorful buildings, churches and houses etc. .

And last, but not least, I would love to shoot some phenomenal landscape shots filled with mist, a lonley tree on the hill etc.

Well, in order to shoot all this, the first thing I need is some good weather, some sun and light. When it’s as dark and grey as it is outside now, it’s almost impossible to shoot anything. Sigh!

The reason for updating my web now, is that there is something going on with promoting myself. I don’t have time to eleborate on that now. Just lets say it’s exciting, something I look forward to and hopefully something good will come out of it.

It’s time to go to bed now. I promised myself to be in bed by 23.00 and that’s a promise I intend to keep.

Curtains and a stool

For a while now I’ve wanted to change my livingroom curtains. The one I got is red and they are nice. I just wanted a change. Since my sofa is red (can change the cover) and I got a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom, I needed something that matches.

280109-31Last saturday Linda and I went to IKEA. Linda had seen some brown curtains she thought I might like. When we finally came to the curtains section (after looking at every single thing before that!) I only needed a few seconds to make my decision. I instantly fell in love with them. They only costed 198 NOK so they were cheap.

Ah I love them. They fit perfectly in my livingroom. They are a bit too long, so I have to fix the lenght, but that will be easy.

I wanted to buy frames too, so I can  put up some square photos on my wall. But the frames I wanted, they didn’t have. Sold out I assume. Sigh.  They didn’t even have tea-lights. Also sold out. Double sigh!


But I did get something else that was cool. I have a stool I need to cover in some new fabric. It was a hole in the fabric that was on it.

I’ve taken the fabric off the stool now and the old fabric I put on a few years ago is covering it now. Full of white painting on it. Mum has a stapler at work I can borrow. I’ve used it before. It’s not easy to get the fabric nicly on the stool., but I’ll guess it will work out ok in the end. It did the two last times.


280109-4 Anyway… I bought a new cool fabric. I love buying fabrics at IKEA. They are both cool and cheap. The prints are awesome. What more can you ask for? After the stool is covered I still got some fabric left. I might do something about it, but I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Maybe a tablecloth? Or maybe a ‘thing’ where I can keep my incoming bills etc that I can hang on the wall?  hmm…

Bruce :>

I wrote so much about Lars Winnerbäck, but I haven’t written a single bit about Bruce Springsteen! And there are news about him too! How did that happen?

Last week I found out that Bruce is coming back to Norway. Two concerts in June. The concerts will be in Oslo, but in Bergen (on the west coast).  It’s about 7 hour by train to Bergen, so quite long distance.

The “should-I-get-a-ticket-or-not-question” was a big mess and I’m not going to talk about that here. I’ll just give you the end-result. No tickets for me. And it’s really strange, but I’m not sad about it actually. Linda said it’s probably becuase we saw him twice last year and the fact that I’ve seen him six time since 2005.  It’s not that I’m full on him, but since I’ve seen him so many times the last years, I don’t have the GIGANTIC urge to see him.

But all hope is not out. I might get another shot at seeing him this year.  He plays in the Netherlands in May; the 31st. He kicks off his European tour in Landgraaf at the Pinkpop festival. The plan for me and Chantie, is to get tickets to the whole festival! The sale starts at the 7th of March.

It will be an expensive vacation that festival, but I really hope we will get the tickets. Three days festival is something I’ve never been on before. I’m sure it will be a hell of a lot fun. You know Depeche Mode is playing there!!! I love them!

The new Bruce album was released yesterday. Surprise, surprise (as one of his songs is named), I don’t have the album yet. The sell it for only 99 NOK on Elkjøp and I went to the store at Carl Berner yesterday, but they were sold out.  New ones will arrive on friday. I talked to mum today and she has bought the CD with the documentary DVD already. And she said I could get her copy and then I could just make her a copy of the CD. hehe. I agreed to that. So I won’t be able to listen to until saturday when I’m going home to my parents.  I think it’s the first time in many, many years that I haven’t bought Bruce’s cd on the date of the release.  Well, I found out it would be worth the wait, if I could save 70 NOK. Where I usually buy my CD’s the CD was much more expensive. And you know, I don’t have a money-tree I can shake whenever I need money.

I really wish I had a money-tree though. Because there are so many concerts I want to go to. I found out yesterday that Tina Turner is on tour again after 8 years of not touring.  She’s coming to Oslo. But the tickets are soooo expensive. The cheapest tickets starts at 650 NOK and it ends at 1200 NOK! Thank god, I’ve seen Tina before.  Others I would like to see is Maria Mena, White Lies and Bo Kaspers Orkester to mention a few. 

Oasis is playing in Oslo tonight, right now I guess. I wish I’d been there. I sais last time I missed them in Oslo that I wouldn’t miss them the next time… What can I say? Next time! Ahem… we’ll see about that…  

I’m getting really tired and should end this. I do have more to write about, but that will have to wait until tomorrow or some other day.

LW: Documentary and give-aways

I’ve been a fan of Lars Winnerbäck (Swedish singer) for some years now and seen him live in Oslo twice, last time last fall.

Yesterday, Ellen and I, we went to see a documentary about him. It’s called ‘Med Solen i Ögonen’. It was a vewing for invited only. I got my tickets through the mailinglist at Ellen didn’t know anything about him, but she was a trooper and tagged along. She’s open to new music and when it was for free it, it was easy to convince her to go with me.

The documentary started at 20.00 and the doors opened at 19.00.  We were there when the doors opened just to get some good seats. Even with a ticket you weren’t garantuied a seat so we got there early to be sure to get one. The time before the film started, we sat down and chatted about this and that.

Before the film started a guy from Uninversal  (record company) came on stage and said hi and hello. He thanked us for coming, told us that the new best of cd with 13 songs from his live-show in Oslo last year was released the same day, alas yesterday. And he said that the record company would give out some free stuff. Under some of the seat there would be a sticker either marked CD, DVD or t-shirt. After the film was over, you could go to the bar and get your stuff.

I searched under my seat and the seat in front of me, where nobody sat, but a girl had her belongings. Under there I found a sticker saying DVD. Woho. I got a DVD. The girl next to the chair, turned to me and said that the sticker sort of belonged to her since she had her belongings there. I said ‘no, I don’t think so’.  I’m not sure if she really meant it, the was nice / polite.  She got a t-shirt and asked if we could trade. I refused.

lw-dvdRight after the film started. It was such a cool documentary. I learned much about Winnerbäck and what he’s thinking recarding his music. He was personal, but not private.  Uhm.. how can I say this… He was personal when it comes to his music, but not when it comes to his life outside the music. But I didn’t really expect to learn about that. It’s not something I eager to know much about either, because I’m found of him as a musician and the private Winnerbäck.  After the film was over, I went to the bar to collect my DVD. The DVD contained the documentary we just had seen + 13 live songs from his tour in Sweden last summer. A very cool DVD to have! I’m happy.  I can’t wait to see the live songs.

Today, after I finished work, I went downtown to buy the new CD. I learned that this was a release for Norway only! How cool. In the sleve inside the cd there is a greeting to all the Norwegian fans and he starts with saying Dear Norway :) I’ve listened to some of the live-songs and they are great, of course.


I’ve signed up today to get newsletters from One of the reasons is that I found out today that he’s having an acustic tour in Norway and he’s coming to Oslo twice. I’ve missed it, since the concerts are in a different place than normal, so both shows are sold out. So I need to be updated on his shows and the best way to be that is to sign up for his newsletter. But! He’s doing a show in another city, two hours away from Oslo.  It’s the 27th of february. I emailed Linda and asked if she wanted to go and she will. She had planned to come see me that day anyway,  because she’s picking up her boyfriend after a concert in town. I’m really, really looking forward to that concert! :D

Bits and pieces in a box

After I had the scrapbooking day with Sissel and co earlier this month, I decided it was time to organize my stuff. I’ve kept my bits and pieces in two green boxes I bought at IKEA a while ago. It was not optimal and not very organized. So I went to Clas Ohlson and bought a plastic box for only 69 NOK.


Now everything is so much better! I can easily find what I’m looking for. I do use the boxes as well, but that’s for the larger stuff.

I went to Bikuben last saturday. I need to return some stuff I got for christmas that I already had. Of course, I bought more there than I had planned. I found a really cute dies; it was a house. I can use that when I’m making ‘congrats-with-your-new-home-cards’. I have one planned for Chantal already. And I bougth two sets of brads which was awesome! I bougth a few other things too, like a glue-pen and a set with inkpads.  Nothing were on sale, but oh well…

I do have bougth some things on sale too! I visited Panduro last week (if my mind doesn’t play tricks with me) I found a few things on sale. It was some new-born-baby-stuff for girls and boys. I bought a little bit for boy and girl. I needed something for a card to my friend Tonje’s new-born baby. It was all on 50% sale, so that was great!

These are the two new cards I’ve made. The first is for the new-born baby and the second is for my friend Lisbeths birthday in Februar.



After Chanties ‘I-got-a-new-home-card’ there won’t be any cards I’m gonna make for a while. I got a birthday in April and I think that’s the first card I’m gonna make. Oh wait, Linda did order a card.

The need to buy new things, has cooled off a bit. And that’s good. All the bills I’ve paid this months are nearly killing me :S I need to cool down my visa-card ;)

Decorating and baking

Have I told you that I love decorating-shows on TV? If not, now you know! Today I watched Oprah, a woman I adore, and it was todays show was centered around decorating. It was really fun to watch!

After dinner, where I ate some delish grilled salmon, I watched a Norwegian decorating show, called Tid for Hjem (time for home directly translated). They were re-doing a room in the third floor with tilted roof and windows in the roof. Ah, I’ve always wanted a room like that. This too, was really fun to watch.

White watching TV, I suddenly got an urge to bake something. It had to be easy and not so messy. So I decided to bake something that’s called vannbakkels in Norwegian. I have no idea what they are called in English, sorry.


The recipe goes like this:

3 decilitre of water
130 grams of butter
130 grams of flour
4 eggs

Boil up water with the butter in it. Take the casserole from the heat and pour in the flour. Stirr until the dough slipps from the bottom of the casserole. Place it somewhere to get cold (in the frigde or even bettter; at the balcony).

Stirr in the eggs. It’s best to use a mechanical whisk (right word?). Put backing paper on a tray and take a spoonfull of dough on the tray for each cookie.

Put it in the oven on 180 degrees celsius for about 30 minutes.

Decorate them with icing. Put some foodcolor in the icing to make them more fun-looking.

Yum! The great thing that was that they were so airy inside. I sometimes have trouble making them airy inside, they just fall flat and ends up looking like a pancake.

Nom. Nom. Nom. I’ve already eaten three. Uhm… or was it four? I’ve lost count ;)

Old bottle becomes new

bottleI was tidying up all the bottles I should go the the grocerystore and get recycled and then I see an empty vodka-bottle (from the Netherlands) among my wine-bottles. I pick it up, look at it and find it pretty. And I thought;, maybe I can use it for something?

I put it in my kitchen sink with some hot water to get the lable off it and then dried it. I realised it would be great as a vase.

So I went into the living-room and found some fake gerberra that I had put aside and voila :)

I really like this. I placed it in the middle, at my big diningtable. It looks great there. I might try some real gerberras in it one day, but for now I’m ok with the fake ones.

I just love it when I can use something old and make it new again.

Second hand store and more

Ah! I went to that second hand store I told about during Christmas. The one close to were I live. Ellen and I went there yesterday. It’s more of a combined second hand store and antique store.

My oh my. It was huge! If I said they had a million different items, it might be close to the truth. At least 90 % of it was just “junk”, but there were some cool stuff there too. Too bad the cool stuff were so expensive.

I found a few gems I really wanted to buy, but was unsure of wether I should spend money on or not. If I’d been insanly rich I would’ve bought everything right away. But sadly, I’m not insanly rich.

I saw an original Monopoly game from 1950’s. It was so cool. It looked better than the new ones. I like the old-fashion look of it. I love monopoly and would really like to buy that game! The price was 400 NOK which is a lot of money. And I’m not sure that is the best place to place my money on right now.

I also saw a lot of supercool cake-boxes. That is nothing I really need, but they were really cool. One was with drawings from the Junglebook (Rudyard Kipling, you know). Some was actually the same as my mum has (just different shape) and that made me a bit nostalgic. heh.  The cakenboxes was so expensive. Most of them costed 300 NOK each. Sigh.

I’m not gonna buy that expensive cake-boxes. But I might buy that Monopoly-game. Just not right now.  I’ll wait until the end of february and see how my finacial status is then. If it’s sold by then, I’m not gonna cry. I’ll live.

This weekend I’ve done a lot of cleaning and tiding up in my apartment and the storage room I got in the basement. On friday, there was a container outside my apartment were we could throw away trash and other things we would like to get rid of. I finally got rid of my broken vcr and about 10 empty or nearly empty painting buckets. That was good to get rid of! It’s nice to walk around in my apartment, now that it’s all tidy and clean :)

Speaking of my broken VCR. I was looking through my DVD’s and VHS’s today. Suddenly a heartbreaking thing hit me. I only got the Waterdance on VHS. The Waterdance is one of my fave movies of all times and I’ve seen it at least 10 times, if not 15.  I’ve lost count. Now i can’t see it anymore cos I don’t have a VCR :( I tried to find it on DVD online. The only place that had it was on, but it was insanly expensive. I’m still shocked about the price of it. One sold it new for over 60$. Hello!?! What’s that all about?

Something abit more cheerful. I got an email today from youtube. A band called White Lies recommened me to check out their music. Not sure why they sent it to me. Hm. Maybe they sent it out to all youtube users? Hmm. Well, whatever… I checked them out. A smart move. I got to hear two songs and they were good. The song To Lose My Life is a really great song. Their first album is going to be out this month and I will definetly check it out! They are a bit like Joy Division, so no wonder I liked them.

(Out of) Control

It’s a long time since I’ve had a more fitting heading!

Taking the bus to work and back home is nice these days, since I got my U2 book. It’s very interesting and amusing! I love learn about all these facts I didn’t know of. At work, I’ve been listeing to U2 while working. Mostly Boy, where the song Out of Control is. But the last day I’ve head Stay (far way, so close), live version, on repeat. Such a great song.

What is a bit out of control I feel, is my shopping and need for new things. An unexpected bill came today. Well, I knew it would come, but I had sort of forgotten about it. I bought some Bob Dylan tickets for dad before Christmas. I paid for them with my credit card and dad paid me back. I forgot that he had already done it and I spent the money. So now I have a bill, with not enough money on my account. Thank god for my savings account.

Yesteday I was downtown. Should only buy a pair of stockings. But what do I have in my paper bag on my way home? No stockings, but a skirt on supersale and a new purse. Sigh. While buying the skirt, I came to think of a purse I saw before Christmas. I went to H&M to see if it maybe was on sale. I hadn’t really planned to buy it, if it was on full price, but… when I arrive at H&M and see that they only had one left, I sort of paniced and thought I may never have it. So I bought it. *shakes head* This will be my 20th purse or something. I lost count!

Thank god the salery comes in tomorrow, because my pockets are empty.

On a brighter side, thank god for free stuff. Now and then I a newsletter from Rockefeller, one of the best music-venues in Oslo. Now and then they have competitions and the price is two free tickets to see a band or a movie. can’t really call it a competition. The only thing you do, is the email them and write your name in the mail. Then they choose by the ones who has sent in a mail, which one gets tickes.  Most likely the price is quite odd for me and not very interesting, so I’ve never emailed them back. 

This time you could win tickets to see two movies. First Conrtol and then Joy Division. I know Joy Division was a band, but I had no clue about the movie. Obviously it must be a movie about the band. Control I’ve heard about. It got some attention when it came out. Anton Corbijn, who I adore, one one of the directors of the moive. All I knew was that it was about the lead singer from Joy Division, Ian Curtis, who hang himself at age 23.

I entered the competition on tuesday and got a response the same day that I’d won. I only see this today, since I hadn’t checked my mail the two last days. I ask Ellen if she want’s to join me and she  would.

So we meet at 18.30 and the film starts at 19.15.

The movie, which is shot in black/white, is great. It’s sad and interesting at the same time. At the ending, I just wait for the scene when he hang himself. I shred some tears when you see the rope and when the screen goes black seconds late. I shred some tears when I know his wife Debbie will return later with their baby daughter and find him in the kitchen. Poor Debbie. Poor guy with such a troubled mind.

On my way home, I picked the U2 book, but put it back in my purse without reading anything. I couldn’t take in other stories in my head now. I needed to reflect on the movie and just let it sink in.

A little funny thing, is that in the U2 book, U2 is recording their first album. They are in a studio in London. Guess who’s there too? Joy Division! Bono talks about seeing them in the studio and he was wow’ed by them.

The film, of course, contained a lot of music. Good music too. I’ve never heard anything of Joy Division. I’ve heard some (a few songs on youtube a while ago) New Order songs and knew in what direction the songs went. New order was by the way created by the other members of Joy Division. I know I have to check out Joy Division. Some of the songs really caught my attention. I have no idea what the songs name where, but since they only released one studio album, it won’t be that hard. There is released a lot of demo-songs and live stuff after his death too. This will be my next music project I think.

Birthday card and music

I got little to report from today. I had a busy day at the office. Lots of work came my way. I’m not really complaining. It just became a little overwhelming at first. haha. A colleague dumped 45 jobs in my inbox. And my boss gave me things to do yesterday afternoon. I didn’t finish as I said I would, but I will continue tomorrow. Well, it’s better to have too much to do than to little.

050109-12I finished Linda’s birthday-card. This is how it turned out!I’ll be writing on the blue circle.

I’m quite happy about it. I’ve never used circles before. My friend Sissel’s Christmas-card gave me the inspiration.

I made the circles with a very cool circle-cutter. It’s amazing and an very handy tool! Every card-making people should have one!


After I’d finished the card, I organized my cardboard and papers. I found things I didn’t remember I had. Ahem… I won’t be needing any new cardboard soon I think. If I’m gonna buy something, it has to be something birthday-related. But I don’t really need that either!

Oh! I found out something awesome last week! The September When is going to hold a concert in Oslo in March. I think it’s the 6th. Today I asked Ellen if she wanted to go. I wasn’t sure if she knew the September When that well and wanted to go. But to my big surprise, she said she’d been meaning to ask me if I wanted to go, but she had forgot. Hah :) So we’re going. I’m gonna buy the tickets as soon as my salery comes. That will be on the 10th.

While searching for the TSW tickets, I realised that I had forgot that Oasis is coming this month. I wanna see them badly! But I have no one to go with so far. Mabye I can trick Ellen to come? Hmmm. I can try at least. I should listen to their new album. I’ve only listened to it once or twice.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. So much music, so little time.

No more posts.