A new year

2008 has come to and end. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and in 27 hours and about 10 minutes 2009 will start. I will end this year at Nøtterøy where my friend Lisbeth lives. Hopefully Ellen will join us in celebrating the new year to come, that is if she’s well. The flu has hit her this holiday.

Always at the end of one year, I start to think about how the past year has been and now the next year will be. I always want to improve myself around this time a year. I want to do better than last year.

One thing I always think of is my finances. I think about budgets and how to spend my money the best way, what to put on the top of my wishlist etc. Partly I think I do this because I know January and February is hard finacially. Those two months, there is always so many bills to be paid like my home-phone, tv-licence, student loan, electricity, two newspapers…. and maybe more.

I don’t think I’ll make a budget, because I never keep track of what goes out of my account and what I’ve spent it on. But I will make some calculations just to be sure not to spend more than I have. There won’t be a bill not paid on its duedate in 2009.  Not on purpose at least!

And in addition to that, there is some birthdays coming up. Three birthdays in Februar. And a friend is giving birth to a baby. So I need a little something her that baby.

There is also all the things I want… I got a lot of nice things for christmas, but there is two big things I didn’t get that I really want; a sowing machine and a photoprinter. I have no idea when I’ll be able to buy those things.  I need to start save some money to afford those two things. I also need to start saving some money for my Alkmaar trip in late April.

I never been good at keeping New Years Resolutions. I don’t like making them either, because I think they are easy to break just because they’re made around New Year. “Everyone” is starting the new year thinking they are going to do this and that and after a few weeks most people fail. Me included.

I am going to continue working on the goals I set in October. That will be:

  1. Be in bed by 22.30: This has proved to be a challange. I have to try to care about bed-time again. Being up late has really fucked me up. It ruins my working days and my evenings! I can’t keep it up the way it has been the last month. I just can’t!
  2. Fruit every day: I’m gonna modify this a bit. I’m gonna include vegetables, so that there will be fruit or vegetables every day. I need to eat more of both. I wish cauliflower was cheepall the year around and not only during the summer. Sigh.
  3. Walk every day: This will be a challange now that there are some cold days ahead of us. When it’s cold in the morning and I’m tired, it’s easier to take the bus instead of walking. I recon that when I not so dead in the mornings and got more energy, it will be easier to walk!

I’m not sure weather to incorporate a new goal or not. I might do that, but right now I think I have to get the goals I got working first. There’s no need to overdo things when you start; then you’re more likely to fail! Start small and go bigger as you succeed. Am I wise or not? ;)

Around New Year I also tend to start on new creative projects. Some never get born, and just stays inside my head. Some get born, but never get finished and some, a very few, get finished. I’m sure I’ll come up with some this time too. I can’t think of any right now, thank god… haha. That’s because I’m so tired and veeeeery hungry!

As I said, the end of this year will be spent with Lisbeth and hopefully Ellen. The black dress is ready, so is the sparkling wine, some confetti fireworks and my camera! One thing is left and that is a small gift to the host of the party. I’ll find that tomorrow before I go hopefully.

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