The day after

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’m not quite sure why I’m here writing. I just read the two last (long) post Chantie had did in her blog and I got the urge to write myself. I know myself good enough to know that this post (since it’s late and I’m very tired) will be a lot of rambling and maybe not so interesting. Oh well, not many read this blog so why worry?!

It’s the 25th and this day has gone by so fast. I sit here and wonder what I’ve done with this day? Not much. It’s amazing how you can fill your day with nothing and still it goes by like speed train.

I slept late today. Just got up to eat breakfast that my parents had made. Then I looked over my presents, read some in my new book about U2, took a walk outside with my camera, watched a lot of rubbish on TV, had dinner, posted a picture on Flickr, watched this stupid Belgium detective Hercule Poirot solving a crime, ate supper and now I’m here.

I got a lot of nice gifts for  Christmas. I’m not sure what I loved the most. There is really no need to point out anything special. Most of the gifts were nice. Let me see if I can remember some of them… A new phone (house-phone /the one I got is broken), a book called U2 by U2 (I love reading about artists I like), clothes (a supercool blue and white cardigan, a white think sweater, two caps (white and black), stripy shirt/dress from H&M, two scarfs) a Bruce Springsteen calendar for 09, chocolate, some cool scrapbooking things… that’s all I can think of right now. There might be more. I’m pleased with the things I got.

I haven’t been very social today, that’s for sure. I waved at my friend Terje and his mother when I was outside taking picture. I saw them in a car, going somewhere. I’ve spoken to my parents of course and I’ve had sms contact with some friends. But that’s it. Well, it’s almost always like this on the 25th. Tomorrow will be better. If everything goes well, me and Linda will go see our friend Tonje. We did plan to go on saturday, but Linda said she wanted to go shopping on saturday so she asked me if we could try on friday, as in tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

The holidays… it goes by so fast. I can’t believe I’ve been away from work for two days already. It goes way too fast. I wish I didn’t have to work on monday or tuesday. It would be so great to be home. Knowing that Gøril won’t be at the office those days, doesn’t make it any better. She’s my partner in crime and we have lunch / talk a lot to each other during the day. Not having her there, will be boring. Oh well, I suppose I’ll manage.

A thought popped up. I wish I had some superpower that made me only need 6 hours a sleep every night. That would be so wonderful. I wish I could go to bed at midnight and be fully awake six hours later. And if I wanted to sleep longer I could just programme myself to sleep for two more hours and then wake up all happy and with full of energy. I have a conflict. I want to stay up late, but I also want to get up early in the morning, just so I can get the most out of the day. I can’t have both! I wish I could.

God, I’m t ired. I should go to bed now. I know there are a lot of more things I could write about, but that have to wait. I’ll write more tomorrow.

My goal for tomorrow is to write another entry, be more social and to take at least one great picture with my camera. Before I go to bed I’m gonna set the table for tomorrows breakfast. Just put out the plates and glasses… It’s nice to have that done. Then I’m gonna turn of all the lights in the entire house. And then I’m gonna brush my teeth and set the alarm on my phone. Yes, I’m gonna set the alarm even though it’s holidays. I would like to get up a bit before 10.30, as I did to day.

I was right yes! A lot of rambling. But hey… that’s what this blog is about yes? Say it is so!

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