Newborn baby

My friend Gro, she gave birth to a babygirl on monday. About a week ago, we planned a date. I’m going to see her tomorrow. I had to call her and ask if I could come, now that the baby had come. I wasn’t sure if it was too early. It wasn’t. She was looking forward to see me and I’m looking forward to see her and the baby too.

After I finished work today, I went downtown. I had to go to Panduro to buy a few new craft-things . I needed something for the card I was going to make Gro regarding her newborn. I tried to find something that wasn’t pink, but that was not easy. I wanted something purple, but didn’t find any thing at all. So I ended up with pink after all. Not that pink is so bad, but it’s so standard when it comes to a babygirl.


When I’d finished Panduro, I went to H&M to buy a gift for the newborn. It wasn’t easy to find something. I wanted something really cute, but I didn’t really want anything in pink. After a while I found a super duper cute yellow-brown/ green pj. I just had to buy it! Green is maybe a ‘boy-color’? I’m not sure actually, but I don’t care. It was too cute to miss. And she’s only gonna sleep in it, so then it doesn’t really matter what color it is.

Gøril was really happy about the card and the cupcakes I’d made her. I think she was impressed that I’d made the card myself. I forgot to take a picture of it yesteday, so there won’t be any picture of it.

Sadly, Gøril got sick and had to leave the office about an hour after she came. Sigh. Sick on her birthday. It was her belly. I think she actually threw up :( So she gave me the cupcakes and said I could give some to colleagues. But I had to save some for her, if she came tomorrow. I gave everyone who’s in office B one cake. The one who’s over at office K didn’t get any, cos then I would have to take the elevator down and go out and up to the other building. Too bad for them. heh.

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