Christmas cards and birthday card


After Ellen left this evening (we had a great time together btw) I sat down to write some christmas cards. Some is an understatement. I wrote nine in total. And I’m not finished. I still have between three to five cards left to write. Only seeing two cards left, that means I have to make some more cards too. It never ends…

Oh and I haven’t started on finding the adresses to the peeps who are getting one of my christmas cards. That will be quite a job too. I think I’ll do that tomorrow. The postal service says you have to send your christmas cards before the 16th if you want them delivered before christmas eve. I would like that. Hmm. that means I have to give mum her cards soon too, or else they won’t be able to send them out on time.

Thirty minutes ago I come to think of the cupcakes I made yesterday. It hit me that I hand’t decorated them. I only decorated one yesteday, so I could take a picture of it. hehe.  So I rushed into the kitchen to decorate them, 26 in total.

After I’d done that I realised something else. I had planned to make a birthday-card for my colleage. But I hadn’t made any yet… So I had to sit down and make one really fast. I took the first things that I found in one of my magic boxes ;) Five minutes later I had a card ready. Talk about being fast! Don’t have time to share it now, don’t have a picture of it. I’ll have to do that later.

Lets hope there isn’t anything else I’ve forgotten that I’m gonna do today.  

My eyes are sore and I’m utterly tired. I’ve been like this all evening. I told myself today that I had to go to bed early, but look who’s up late…  ME! Well, now my right  arm / hand starts to hurt, so I guess it’s really time to go!

Oh and btw. The Killers new album Day & Age is greeeeat! Just love it. Eps. the songs Human, Spaceman, A dustland Fairytail and Neon Tiger. Ahhh!

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