Cupcakes and other stuff

Being at work has been so crazy the last few days. Last friday and yesterday was hell. Today was better, thank god. Even though today hasn’t been that bad, it was really nice to come home.

After dinner I made cupcakes. A colleague of mine, one of the inmates I bond best with, turnes 30 on thursday. That needs some celebration. She brought me cake on my birthday, so I have to return the favour.

I would’ve like to bake a big chocolate cake, but my oven is not stable when it comes to big cakes. It totally srew up and the cake turn out a bit raw and compact after it’s finished. So I decided to go for cupcakes, just to make sure nothing went wrong. My oven is cupcake friendly  ;)


I bought this supercute sprinkles on the supermarket on my way home. When I saw the hearts I instantly knew I had to have them. I have to say they didn’t taste that good… well, at least they look good!

Speaking of birthdays. I was going to Gro’s birthday dinner last friday, but it got cancled. She wasn’t feeling very well. That was no fun, but things happen. And yesterday she texted me and told me she’d become a mum. YAY! The baby-girl (Josefine) came about two weeks early! Now I have to make a card and buy the baby girl a gift. I might see Gro on friday, just have to see how things are. Maybe she’s not ready for a visit yet. The birth was only yesterday. The meeting was planned before the baby came. I’ll have to call her tomorrow.  

Mums christmas gift is almost finished. Well, not finished, but I’ve planned it. I’m gonna make a calendar with my pictures, that she can have in her office at the school she works. I’m now selecting which pictures to have in it. It’s not easy since they have to be 15 cm x 15 cm. That narrows it down a bit. I’ll show you the pictures when I’ve decided.


I made a christmas hamper of paper today. It’s been such a long time since I did that last time, I just had to try make one again. I remember my dad learned me how to make them. He’d done that when he was young and they ended up on the christmas tree. Our christmas tree at home will be filled with the old ones dad once made and some that me or my sister made.

This one is a bit simple with almost straight lines. The pattern decides how difficult it will be to make it. And the quality of the paper pays quite a big a deal too, I’ve learned. I will try to make something more difficult another day.

While we’re at the christmas-theme. I spoke to Lisbeth today. We’re planning New Year. I asked her a while ago if she had any plans for New Years Eve. If not, me and Ellen, would like to do something with her and maybe someone else. Now we planned that we can celebrate New Year at her house; eat some fancy food and drink champagne. Maybe have some board-games or something. Just take it easy, chill and have fun :)

Ellen is coming over for dinner tomorrow. She will be home from Paris today, so I’m sure there will be lots of things to talk about! Hopefully she’ll have some pictures I can have a look at too. It will be fun.

Well, if I’m gonna survive tomorrow, I should go to bed now!  

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