I went nuts for nothing…

I jumped to conclutions a bit early today. I still can’t make the ginger nuts for Gro. But I’ve decided to make them for someone else. As a matter of fact, two of my other friends I give a little something for christmas. I already have bought one of them, Bjørg, two small gifts. But I can juggle around a bit with the gifts. No problemo.

So today I was downtown buying a big jar with  lid on where I will store the ginger nuts. My plan is, and I figured this out while working today, to put on a sticker on one side where it says homemade ginger nuts. And on the other side of the jar, I’m gonna place the recipie for the ginger nuts. Cool, ay? i’ll post a picture when everything is done.

On my way home from work I went to the grocerystore and bougth the ingredients for the nuts. After I’d eaten dinner and reasting a bit on the couch, I started making the dough.


After it was done, I placed it in the fridge. It need to be somewhere cool over the night. And while making some more gift tags and watching tv at the same time, I realised I’d forgot to put pepper in the dough. Doh! It suddenly hit me. So I had to fix that ;)

I was worried this morning about my christmas gift to Gro. For no reason, I know now. Because the ginger nuts wouldn’t happen, my mind was empty. I couldn’t think of anything to give her. Can I blame on the fact that it was monday morning and I was tired? After work I went to Gina Tricot and right inside the store I find a cool cardigan. A perfect gift. I bought it right away! So now her gift is done. 

I stress a bit over the christmas gifts, which i shouldn’t. I should enjoy it. But when things doesn’t go my way, it’s not easy to relax. Like last week when I bougth mum a present and was very happy that her was done, because she’s extremely difficult when it comes to gifts. On saturday my dad tells me she already have what i’ve bought. Sigh. Now I have to return it and it annoys me.

I have to try to not let it get to me. There is far worse things happening in this world. Gift shopping should be fun. i shouldn’t turn it into a nightmare! So my attitude stops here. From now on, positive thoughts. And if something doesn’t go my way, find a new way! My grandfather always used to say: ‘there will always be another train’ meaning there is still hope, if you miss one train, wait for the next one and hop on!

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