Bad ideas late at night :(

I shouldn’t be coming up with (great) ideas late at night. Because they’re not always that great. I’ve must’ve been real tired last night when I thougt about those cookies as Gro’s christmas gift. I found out they’re called ginger nuts btw.

Anyway, this morning a thought popped up in my mind. Gro is allergic to pepper. How could I forget that? And in the ginger nuts, one ingredient is actually pepper. Hmf! I know she used to eat ginger nuts before, but that was maybe befoer she became allergic or knew she was allergic… I dunno. To be absolutely sure, I sms’ed her husband this morning to get his view on it. He said it would be ok to eat ginger nuts if there wasn’t any actual pepper in it.

So… we can say bye bye to this cool idea. Blargh!!

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