A new year

2008 has come to and end. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and in 27 hours and about 10 minutes 2009 will start. I will end this year at Nøtterøy where my friend Lisbeth lives. Hopefully Ellen will join us in celebrating the new year to come, that is if she’s well. The flu has hit her this holiday.

Always at the end of one year, I start to think about how the past year has been and now the next year will be. I always want to improve myself around this time a year. I want to do better than last year.

One thing I always think of is my finances. I think about budgets and how to spend my money the best way, what to put on the top of my wishlist etc. Partly I think I do this because I know January and February is hard finacially. Those two months, there is always so many bills to be paid like my home-phone, tv-licence, student loan, electricity, two newspapers…. and maybe more.

I don’t think I’ll make a budget, because I never keep track of what goes out of my account and what I’ve spent it on. But I will make some calculations just to be sure not to spend more than I have. There won’t be a bill not paid on its duedate in 2009.  Not on purpose at least!

And in addition to that, there is some birthdays coming up. Three birthdays in Februar. And a friend is giving birth to a baby. So I need a little something her that baby.

There is also all the things I want… I got a lot of nice things for christmas, but there is two big things I didn’t get that I really want; a sowing machine and a photoprinter. I have no idea when I’ll be able to buy those things.  I need to start save some money to afford those two things. I also need to start saving some money for my Alkmaar trip in late April.

I never been good at keeping New Years Resolutions. I don’t like making them either, because I think they are easy to break just because they’re made around New Year. “Everyone” is starting the new year thinking they are going to do this and that and after a few weeks most people fail. Me included.

I am going to continue working on the goals I set in October. That will be:

  1. Be in bed by 22.30: This has proved to be a challange. I have to try to care about bed-time again. Being up late has really fucked me up. It ruins my working days and my evenings! I can’t keep it up the way it has been the last month. I just can’t!
  2. Fruit every day: I’m gonna modify this a bit. I’m gonna include vegetables, so that there will be fruit or vegetables every day. I need to eat more of both. I wish cauliflower was cheepall the year around and not only during the summer. Sigh.
  3. Walk every day: This will be a challange now that there are some cold days ahead of us. When it’s cold in the morning and I’m tired, it’s easier to take the bus instead of walking. I recon that when I not so dead in the mornings and got more energy, it will be easier to walk!

I’m not sure weather to incorporate a new goal or not. I might do that, but right now I think I have to get the goals I got working first. There’s no need to overdo things when you start; then you’re more likely to fail! Start small and go bigger as you succeed. Am I wise or not? ;)

Around New Year I also tend to start on new creative projects. Some never get born, and just stays inside my head. Some get born, but never get finished and some, a very few, get finished. I’m sure I’ll come up with some this time too. I can’t think of any right now, thank god… haha. That’s because I’m so tired and veeeeery hungry!

As I said, the end of this year will be spent with Lisbeth and hopefully Ellen. The black dress is ready, so is the sparkling wine, some confetti fireworks and my camera! One thing is left and that is a small gift to the host of the party. I’ll find that tomorrow before I go hopefully.

Decorating and re-doing things…

I have this sort of urge to redecorate my home in some way. Where does this thought come from? Partly from my flickr-friend Moa Maria. Her pictures and blog make me wanna do stuff. There are also other sorces of inspiration on flickr and other places.

I’ve been wanting to visit this secondhand store not far away from where I live, after I saw an article about it in the newspaper. Up to now, I’ve never had the chance to do it. I forget. And I’ve had no time. I believe it’s only on saturdays I have time to go there, but in December I haven’t had one avaliable saturday as I can remember.  The coming saturday, I won’t even be in Oslo, so I can’t go then. Maybe the first saturday in 09? I might be busy then when I think about it… Hmm.

I’m not sure what I expect to find in this second hand store, but I hope to find a few gems I can buy. What those gems should / could be, I have no idea of! I just have an imagination / dream to find something. And something can be anything.

This decorating urge… I don’t know exactly what I want to do. Not what I can do either. My apartment is quite small, with a hall, tiny kitchen, even smaller bathroom, large bedroom and ok sized livingroom. I don’t have any particular vision of what I want to do. All I know is that I want to do something. And as I said, something can be anything.

This is not very concrete. It’s all very blury actually. It’s all just a thought in my head. A balloon of creativity just waiting to burst. I just need to blow a little more creativity or thoughts into this balloon… and then – BANG!

One thing I want to do is to change the pictures hanging in my livingroom. I think I’ve written about that before. But that’s not something that is easy. Because I can’t make up my mind about what kind of pictures to hang up there. I did think about square photos, since I utterly adore the square format.

I also want new curtains in my livingroom. I’m a bit tired of the red ones I got now. I think I want something brown-ish. All I know is that they have to match my red sofa. Maybe I could find some new curtains on sale? That would be great. Because I know that January and February isn’t the best months money-wise. There is always so many bills to pay.

While we’re on the decorating-thought. I read a post from Moa on her blog where she had sowed herself a cloth. That made me really wanna sow too. But I need a sowing machine to do that – something I don’t have. So that is at the top of my list of what I want. That and a photo printer. To have a sowing machine would be so fun! I could make my own pillows for instance. I looked at some sowing machines online a while ago and I saw some that cost between 2500 and 3500 NOK. They were the cheepest. You could get super fancy ones that cost  A LOT more. But I don’t need that. I want a simple one, but not too simple of course. I have to investigate more about this.

Well, I’m off to have breakfast now. Just need to wake up the others in the house. The cats have been awake for a long time, so no need to wake them up. I’m pretty sure they were awake long before me.

Until later… xoxo

The day after

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’m not quite sure why I’m here writing. I just read the two last (long) post Chantie had did in her blog and I got the urge to write myself. I know myself good enough to know that this post (since it’s late and I’m very tired) will be a lot of rambling and maybe not so interesting. Oh well, not many read this blog so why worry?!

It’s the 25th and this day has gone by so fast. I sit here and wonder what I’ve done with this day? Not much. It’s amazing how you can fill your day with nothing and still it goes by like speed train.

I slept late today. Just got up to eat breakfast that my parents had made. Then I looked over my presents, read some in my new book about U2, took a walk outside with my camera, watched a lot of rubbish on TV, had dinner, posted a picture on Flickr, watched this stupid Belgium detective Hercule Poirot solving a crime, ate supper and now I’m here.

I got a lot of nice gifts for  Christmas. I’m not sure what I loved the most. There is really no need to point out anything special. Most of the gifts were nice. Let me see if I can remember some of them… A new phone (house-phone /the one I got is broken), a book called U2 by U2 (I love reading about artists I like), clothes (a supercool blue and white cardigan, a white think sweater, two caps (white and black), stripy shirt/dress from H&M, two scarfs) a Bruce Springsteen calendar for 09, chocolate, some cool scrapbooking things… that’s all I can think of right now. There might be more. I’m pleased with the things I got.

I haven’t been very social today, that’s for sure. I waved at my friend Terje and his mother when I was outside taking picture. I saw them in a car, going somewhere. I’ve spoken to my parents of course and I’ve had sms contact with some friends. But that’s it. Well, it’s almost always like this on the 25th. Tomorrow will be better. If everything goes well, me and Linda will go see our friend Tonje. We did plan to go on saturday, but Linda said she wanted to go shopping on saturday so she asked me if we could try on friday, as in tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

The holidays… it goes by so fast. I can’t believe I’ve been away from work for two days already. It goes way too fast. I wish I didn’t have to work on monday or tuesday. It would be so great to be home. Knowing that Gøril won’t be at the office those days, doesn’t make it any better. She’s my partner in crime and we have lunch / talk a lot to each other during the day. Not having her there, will be boring. Oh well, I suppose I’ll manage.

A thought popped up. I wish I had some superpower that made me only need 6 hours a sleep every night. That would be so wonderful. I wish I could go to bed at midnight and be fully awake six hours later. And if I wanted to sleep longer I could just programme myself to sleep for two more hours and then wake up all happy and with full of energy. I have a conflict. I want to stay up late, but I also want to get up early in the morning, just so I can get the most out of the day. I can’t have both! I wish I could.

God, I’m t ired. I should go to bed now. I know there are a lot of more things I could write about, but that have to wait. I’ll write more tomorrow.

My goal for tomorrow is to write another entry, be more social and to take at least one great picture with my camera. Before I go to bed I’m gonna set the table for tomorrows breakfast. Just put out the plates and glasses… It’s nice to have that done. Then I’m gonna turn of all the lights in the entire house. And then I’m gonna brush my teeth and set the alarm on my phone. Yes, I’m gonna set the alarm even though it’s holidays. I would like to get up a bit before 10.30, as I did to day.

I was right yes! A lot of rambling. But hey… that’s what this blog is about yes? Say it is so!

Mums calendar

These are the pictures I’ve chosen for mums calendar.


It’s some pictures from my hometown, some flower pictures and of course our past and present cats. A good mix of what mum likes (I hope) :)

Rise from the dead

Gro sms’ed me today while I was at work. She had to cancle our meeting tonight. No sleep last night caused a heavy tiredness. I can imagine that. I slept 6.5 hours last and was really tired all day. I can’t imagine how I would’ve been if I hadn’t slept at all.

My mum also contacted me while being at work. She called me and wanted to know about some details on my christmas wishlist. In case she was going to buy me some clothes, she really wanted to know exactly what I wanted and where she could buy it. So she wanted me to go downtown, have a look and note down things in mail to her.

So after I left the office I went downtown. First I went into the post-office which was a total chaos. I had to wait for a while and read in my book while waiting for my turn.

After that I went to H&M to have a look. I found some stuff, tried it on and noted down the name of the piece of clothings I wanted.  After a while I found out it was time to head home.

When I walked out of the store and turned in the direction of ‘out’ I suddenly hear loud guitar and some drums. After five seconds, before the vocals started, I thought to myself; isnt’ that ‘the September When’? I walked in the direction of the sound and ended up at the third floor. And yes, I was right! It was ‘the September When’. They were having a mini-concert outside Platekompaniet (record store).

The September When has rised from the dead. The were formed in the late 80’s and split in ’96 if I’m not mistaken. I used to love them and I got four of their albums. And I’ve got all the albums the lead singer, Morten Abel, has released.  I’ve never seen them live before, because they were big before started going to concerts.

As I stood there, I saw there was a table and five chairs in front of the stage. They were gonna sign cd’s. So I ran down and bought their brand new cd and went up again. They sang two more songs or so and then they started to sign. I hopped into the line to get my new cd’s some signing; feeling like a teenager waiting for her idol. There were only a few in line, so it didn’t take long before it was my turn.

I had my camera with me, but didn’t take any pics. I wanted to, but it was speakers or people in the way. So I knew the picture wouldn’t be good. And I was a bit shy too. I don’t feel comfortable flashing the big DSLR. It would’ve been easier if I had a compact camera with me.


The September When preformed on a talkshow tonight. The hosts talked to Morten Abel and on of the other memebers, Morten Mølster. They got a question if they were going on tour again. Abel said that they might be going on a tour in february / march. oh dear! That is a concert I just HAVE TO be at. That will be so awesome!

I’m listening to the new album, Judas Kiss, now and so far it’s good. Makes me wanna listen to some of the old stuff.  Well that have to be another time. This chick is going to bed before she ends up with her face on the keyboard!


Newborn baby

My friend Gro, she gave birth to a babygirl on monday. About a week ago, we planned a date. I’m going to see her tomorrow. I had to call her and ask if I could come, now that the baby had come. I wasn’t sure if it was too early. It wasn’t. She was looking forward to see me and I’m looking forward to see her and the baby too.

After I finished work today, I went downtown. I had to go to Panduro to buy a few new craft-things . I needed something for the card I was going to make Gro regarding her newborn. I tried to find something that wasn’t pink, but that was not easy. I wanted something purple, but didn’t find any thing at all. So I ended up with pink after all. Not that pink is so bad, but it’s so standard when it comes to a babygirl.


When I’d finished Panduro, I went to H&M to buy a gift for the newborn. It wasn’t easy to find something. I wanted something really cute, but I didn’t really want anything in pink. After a while I found a super duper cute yellow-brown/ green pj. I just had to buy it! Green is maybe a ‘boy-color’? I’m not sure actually, but I don’t care. It was too cute to miss. And she’s only gonna sleep in it, so then it doesn’t really matter what color it is.

Gøril was really happy about the card and the cupcakes I’d made her. I think she was impressed that I’d made the card myself. I forgot to take a picture of it yesteday, so there won’t be any picture of it.

Sadly, Gøril got sick and had to leave the office about an hour after she came. Sigh. Sick on her birthday. It was her belly. I think she actually threw up :( So she gave me the cupcakes and said I could give some to colleagues. But I had to save some for her, if she came tomorrow. I gave everyone who’s in office B one cake. The one who’s over at office K didn’t get any, cos then I would have to take the elevator down and go out and up to the other building. Too bad for them. heh.

Christmas cards and birthday card


After Ellen left this evening (we had a great time together btw) I sat down to write some christmas cards. Some is an understatement. I wrote nine in total. And I’m not finished. I still have between three to five cards left to write. Only seeing two cards left, that means I have to make some more cards too. It never ends…

Oh and I haven’t started on finding the adresses to the peeps who are getting one of my christmas cards. That will be quite a job too. I think I’ll do that tomorrow. The postal service says you have to send your christmas cards before the 16th if you want them delivered before christmas eve. I would like that. Hmm. that means I have to give mum her cards soon too, or else they won’t be able to send them out on time.

Thirty minutes ago I come to think of the cupcakes I made yesterday. It hit me that I hand’t decorated them. I only decorated one yesteday, so I could take a picture of it. hehe.  So I rushed into the kitchen to decorate them, 26 in total.

After I’d done that I realised something else. I had planned to make a birthday-card for my colleage. But I hadn’t made any yet… So I had to sit down and make one really fast. I took the first things that I found in one of my magic boxes ;) Five minutes later I had a card ready. Talk about being fast! Don’t have time to share it now, don’t have a picture of it. I’ll have to do that later.

Lets hope there isn’t anything else I’ve forgotten that I’m gonna do today.  

My eyes are sore and I’m utterly tired. I’ve been like this all evening. I told myself today that I had to go to bed early, but look who’s up late…  ME! Well, now my right  arm / hand starts to hurt, so I guess it’s really time to go!

Oh and btw. The Killers new album Day & Age is greeeeat! Just love it. Eps. the songs Human, Spaceman, A dustland Fairytail and Neon Tiger. Ahhh!

Cupcakes and other stuff

Being at work has been so crazy the last few days. Last friday and yesterday was hell. Today was better, thank god. Even though today hasn’t been that bad, it was really nice to come home.

After dinner I made cupcakes. A colleague of mine, one of the inmates I bond best with, turnes 30 on thursday. That needs some celebration. She brought me cake on my birthday, so I have to return the favour.

I would’ve like to bake a big chocolate cake, but my oven is not stable when it comes to big cakes. It totally srew up and the cake turn out a bit raw and compact after it’s finished. So I decided to go for cupcakes, just to make sure nothing went wrong. My oven is cupcake friendly  ;)


I bought this supercute sprinkles on the supermarket on my way home. When I saw the hearts I instantly knew I had to have them. I have to say they didn’t taste that good… well, at least they look good!

Speaking of birthdays. I was going to Gro’s birthday dinner last friday, but it got cancled. She wasn’t feeling very well. That was no fun, but things happen. And yesterday she texted me and told me she’d become a mum. YAY! The baby-girl (Josefine) came about two weeks early! Now I have to make a card and buy the baby girl a gift. I might see Gro on friday, just have to see how things are. Maybe she’s not ready for a visit yet. The birth was only yesterday. The meeting was planned before the baby came. I’ll have to call her tomorrow.  

Mums christmas gift is almost finished. Well, not finished, but I’ve planned it. I’m gonna make a calendar with my pictures, that she can have in her office at the school she works. I’m now selecting which pictures to have in it. It’s not easy since they have to be 15 cm x 15 cm. That narrows it down a bit. I’ll show you the pictures when I’ve decided.


I made a christmas hamper of paper today. It’s been such a long time since I did that last time, I just had to try make one again. I remember my dad learned me how to make them. He’d done that when he was young and they ended up on the christmas tree. Our christmas tree at home will be filled with the old ones dad once made and some that me or my sister made.

This one is a bit simple with almost straight lines. The pattern decides how difficult it will be to make it. And the quality of the paper pays quite a big a deal too, I’ve learned. I will try to make something more difficult another day.

While we’re at the christmas-theme. I spoke to Lisbeth today. We’re planning New Year. I asked her a while ago if she had any plans for New Years Eve. If not, me and Ellen, would like to do something with her and maybe someone else. Now we planned that we can celebrate New Year at her house; eat some fancy food and drink champagne. Maybe have some board-games or something. Just take it easy, chill and have fun :)

Ellen is coming over for dinner tomorrow. She will be home from Paris today, so I’m sure there will be lots of things to talk about! Hopefully she’ll have some pictures I can have a look at too. It will be fun.

Well, if I’m gonna survive tomorrow, I should go to bed now!  

Update on the goals

It’s been some time since I’ve updated on my goals. It’s been some time since I’ve blogged too – almost a week.

  1. Walking: I’m doing good. Last week I was downtown lots of days so then I took the bus. But I’ve walked when I could and that’s good. I automatically does it and I don’t think about it so much anymore. Of course there are the days with bad weather. Then I concider it. But still during bad weather I walk for the most.
  2. Fruits: I do good during the week. Last week I bought clementines for the office two days. I think I’m gonna do that more, cos then I don’t have to spend my own money on fruits. haha. It won’t be every day, cos the budget won’t allow that. But once in a while. When it comes to the weekends I’m bad at eating fruits. Saturdays and sundays I’m hopeless. I have to gain some focus on changing that.
  3. In bed before 22.30: Not sure what to say, but I’ve failed misserably. Last week was horrible and it seems like this week will be exactly the same. Last week, it felt more like I tried to be in bed by midnight. Like that was a goal… It made me so utterly tired. Sore eyes and little energy! I really have to change this, but I don’t know how.

I better wrap up here and go to bed before I die….

Ginger nuts and loaded week

I baked the ginger nuts today after eaten a really simple dinner. I’m glad I downsized the recipe to half of what the originally was, or else I would still be in the kitchen rolling out the nuts. It took quite a while, but it was fun :)


In between the baking and watching the oven, I finished the label that are going on the jar. I used some ‘glue-paper’ to attatch it to the jar. The label says ‘homemade ginger nuts’. This is how it came out:

021208-3a1Here is the recipe:

250 gram butter
250 gram sugar
2 dl full cream
1.5 tea spoon ginger
1 tea spoon cinnamon
1 tea spoon pepper
0.5 tea spoon cardamom
0.5 tea spoon baking powder
1 tea spoon baking soda
500 gram flour

Stirr the butter and sugar until it’s ‘white’. Add the full cream, spices and flower mixed with the baking soda. Mix it well together.

Put the dough in the frigde over the night. Roll the dough into finger-thick lenghts. Cut in small pieces and make the ball-shaped. Bake them in the ove at 190° in 12-15 minutes.

After I finished work at 16.00 I went downtown. I had to go to the post-office to send the slutbook to Chantie. It’s now on its way to her. I hope she’ll get it soon. At the post-office I also sent some office-mail, bought some stamps and envolopes for my christmas cards. I have to finish those soon. Not sure when I got time for that though…

Tomorrow I have to make Gro’s birthday card. I guess I’ll be stuck with that for a while. I really have to do some cleaning too, because I get a friend over on saturday. My apartment looks like a mess. Sigh. On thursday, me and my colleague G*Star, we’re going on a christmas party arranged by the company that collects the money from people who won’t pay their bills. (Don’t kow the name for such companies…) It will last all evening.

On friday it’s Gro’s birthday dinner. The girls are meeting at Santinos downtown for dinner. Will be fun. Now if I only could find out what to wear….

And on saturday Bjørg is coming. We’re going shopping. First at IKEA and then maybe a big mall in Sandvika, right outside Oslo. She’ll stay until sunday :) 

So maybe sometime on sunday I can finish the cards. I thought about asking Ellen over for dinner, but I’m not sure yet. She’ll be away for most of the weekend I think and I’m not sure when she’ll be back on sunday. Maybe I also would like the sunday to just relax all by myself too. Hmm. I would have to think about it. No need to settle any plans right now.

No more posts.