Since I’ve discovered, I’ve had the idea of creating a book with some of my photos. No wait, I’ve had that idea for a long, long time, but it’s only now I’ve found a way to do it. So… am I in the middle of making a photobook? Uhm… no!
Why not?
It’s the same thing as always, I can’t decide what pictures I’m gonna put in this book. Or more… what theme the book shall have. Should it be a collection of my finest photos? Or a black and white book? Or a book that contains just buildings or just cats? That is the big question. And when that question has to be answered other questions pop up.
Why should I really make this book? What purpose would it serve to make this book?
Those questions also needs to be answered in order to find a theme. The ultimate purpose would be to sell it, but I know that’s a bit far out. I don’t see any of my pictures that great that they would sell actually. Not a big book in a big scale. My portfolio isn’t that big. I do have 519 pictures presented at flickr, but not nearly everyone is something I think belongs to a printed book.
So, why?
So I can give it away as a present to familiy or friends? Well… not sure what purpose that would serve other than promote myself. Do I have any pictures they would like to see in a book? 
I guess so I could place it in my book shelf and let people who visit me, look at it. And because I would think it is cool with a book with my own pictures. Because it would be cool. Real cool. But is that reason a good enough reason to make a book? Or is it just waste of money?
Writing all this, all there is left is a lot of questions that needs to be answered. And right now I don’t have those answeres.

So what is the best strategy if I’m gonna pursue this idea? Should I just sit down and try to answer all these questions right away or in the near future and then go out and shoot acording to my answers? Or shall ignore the questions at the moment, but in stead go out and shoot and hope that the questions will be answered in the process?

Hmm… Can I sleep on that?


After a lazy sunday is over, I often go to bed thinking about all the stuff I didn’t do; about all the time I wasted on nothing. Where did twelw hours go? How did I manage to fill all these hours that this sunday contained with more or less nothing?

I did do some useful stuff. I cleaned up a bit in my bedroom. All the dust is gone, some skirts that was too small is gone too. And the big pile with clothes on top on my dirty-clothes-basket is gone too. I also made three new christmas-cards. But that was about it!

I could’ve done so much more! I could’ve done laundry, vacuumed the apartment, cleaned my bathroom sink, washed the floor in my apt etc etc. In stead I use my time, no waste it on watching TV and surfing around online. I actually saw a bit of Dr. Phil show today. Come on, Dr. Phill? And even worse, Zoey 101 or what it’s called… Staring Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie. That is all-time-low!

Lazy sundays are the best, but sometimes I wish i’d done more. I’m like ‘meh, now I’ve wasted yet another sunday’.

Oh well… over to something slightly more uplifting. Or is it?

My goals…

  1. Teeth: Perfect. I’m gonna drop that as a goal now, because it’s a routine now.
  2. Walking: Doing good. I walk every day. Even when it’s raining!
  3. Fruit every day. I’m doing ok. Weekend is the hardest. I forgot to eat fruit yesterday, even though I bought a net with clementines. Doh! Today I have. I waited until 22.30 though. Uhm.. waited? I forgot until then. That’s more correct to say.
  4. Be in bed on time: uhm… the clock now says 23.25. Obviously I’m not doing good. It’s so hard! I don’t know what I’m gonna do to change this. I honestly don’t have a clue. Ideas, anyone?

Add any new goals? Nah. I don’t think so. I don’t think I can handle that at the moment. Need to figure out that bed-goal first. And I can’t really come up with any new things I want to have as goal either. Maybe clean a bit every day? Oh god, that sounds boring. Hmmm… I need to think about that one for a while. I know it would make things easier and it would be done more often. One thing each day isn’t much. I’m not gonna decide anything now. Now I better hurry in bed.

I’ll post the new christmas-cards as soon as I got time. Or… more like next time I think of it. haha.

Are we human or are we dancer?

Sometimes I listen to songs that touches me so deep and makes me so happy that it can feel like a crush! Yeah, it sounds strange, but that’s the way I’m built. Sometimes songs hit me so hard!

I have a crush right now!

The Killers are out with a new single now, called Human. I heard it for the first time some weeks ago. I thought it was good, but I only heard it a few times. Then it faded away and I started listening to something else.

Last week I saw the Killers preforming at the European Music Awards and they had a kick-ass light show. And they played of course Human. i was breathtaken by the light-show. On friday at work, I searched up the  video from the EMA on youtube and listened to it over and over again. While I worked of course. I think I must’ve played it 20 times at least.

By now, I know almost all the lyrics by heart. There are some lyrics added to the EMA version, that’s not on the single version though. It’s not been a goal to learn the lyrics. That’s something I used to have as a goal when i was 15 ;) But I always sing a long when I listen to music and some lyrics are easier to learn that others. And when you listen to the same song 5 times in a row, it’s easier to learn it too. haha.

In this Human-haze, I managed to write a poem. Another way to let my creativity out. I haven’t written anything in ages and it felt good to get something down on paper.

Music always inspire me to write poems. So most of my poems has a relationship to music, somehow. It can be a subject, a mood or just a single word. In the past, Alanis Morisette, has influenced my poems a lot.  This time it was Human and the second last word in the song, brittle. The way he sung that word, it hit me in some way. I needed to find out the meaing to this lovely-sounding word.

Brittle means easy shattered / broken. Not long after i learned that, my head was spinning and not long after I had a poem ready. Beautiful, sad but simple was Chantie’s review of it :)

My Brittle Heart

I’m aching
on the edge of breaking
my brittle heart

cut the strings
your pulling stings
my brittle heart

say goodbye
just let me go
my brittle heart

Now I’m gonna take a few mins to figure out how I’m gonna use this creative brain today. I’m still in my pj and living out the lazy-sunday concept ;)

I’ll be back, soon!

[anything goes here] sluts

Me and my friend Chantie, started once to call each other sluts. I don’t know exactly when or why, but we did. And by sluts, we’ve never meant anything bad. We use it like other people use chicks. We don’t use just the word slut, but very often we attach decribing word in front of it; like tired sluts, lazy slyts, office sluts etc…

Some time in 2008, I thought about making a book about us. I don’t know eactly when here either. My memory is on some areas veeery bad, you see. But anyway, I wanted to make a book, covering us sluts from A – Z. The plan was to write something on each letter in the alphabet.

I came across someone on Flickr who mentioned as a perfect place to make books. You make the book online and then send it off for printing. You can choose between different sizes or if you want hard- or softcover. The site is indeed great!

Sor for a long time now, I’ve been working on this book. Some letters were easy to cover. Like B (Burger King sluts) I (internet-sluts), O (Oprah-sluts) and T (tired sluts). You know, we LOVE Burger King and Oprah. We spent a lot of time on the internet and we’re often tired. I write a little bit about each subject and includes pictures.

Yesterday I finished the book. I read through all of it and corrected all the typos. There were a few of those… I purchased two copies of the book and it will take about two weeks before they arrive I guess. I can’t wait to see it!

This whole thing might seem very odd to other people. Calling each other sluts, writing about about it… I see the point, but I don’t really care. We find it funny. And this book connects us together. It is something we can look back on when we get old. hihi ;)

How to get in when you don’t have a key

Yesterday I went home to my parents house because I was going to visit my friend, Terje. Before I went up to his place I had to drive my parents and Terje’s parents to a party. I had some cd’s I was going to give him, so I had to stop my the house on my way to him. He only lives 200 meters from our house, but I wanted to drive because of the weather.

When I came home I didn’t find the housekey. I looked around in the car, but couldn’t find it. So the key was in mum’s purse. Sigh. The weather was bad; it was dark, foggy and rainy and I didn’t really wanna drive those ten minutes (one way) to get the key.

One of the kitchen windows were slightly open, so I knew I could try to get in that way. The only thing, was that this window is about two meters above the ground. So it wouldn’t be easy.

I saw a ladder on the lawn in front of the house and I thought I could use that. No. The ladder was too high, so it would be impossible to use that. What to do then? I went into the garage to try find something stand on. I found three old milk-boxes I could place on top of each other. Next to those I placed another soda-box so I would be able to get on top of the other boxes.

I took of my boots and my jacket, so they wouldn’t be in the way. I pushed myself up and grabbed the end of the counter. As I pushed the boxes fell down, so I could only hope that I managed hold that grip and drag myself inside.

I was lucky! The plan worked. I was inside.

I wish I could’ve seen myself doing this. It mus’ve looked very funny. But I’m glad nobody else saw me, because then they would surly think it was a burglar and called the police. Oh my, that would’ve been something… lol.

Later that evening, around midnight, I went to pick up my parents and Terje’s parents. First mum, Vigdis and Kai went into the car. I told them what had happened and they laughed so hard. Kai praised me for being creative ;) When dad came into the car, I told him the story too. He just asked why I didn’t drove back to get the key. I explained it was because of the weather, but he only shook his head.

Christmas-cards & Ulf Lundell

So far I’ve made 14 Christmas-cards. I think I have twenty left. Here the othre day i got one more card to make. A flickr-friend (Jaep) asked me if I could send him a home-made card, because he was curious on how they look. I emailed him and told him he had to send me his address so I could send one. He was really happy I would send one :)

Here the other day I made a card specially for mum. I knew she would like it, because I’d written the name of a song of Ulf Lundell on the card. See below on the first card. The text says ‘snart kommer änglarna att komma’ which means ‘soon will the angels arrive’.

That song is a beautiful Christmas song that we play every 23rd of Decemember when we’re decorating the house with Christmas-stuff. And Ulf Lundell is my mums biggest music-idol.


I emailed a picture of it to here, as I’ve done with every other card I’ve made. It didn’t take long before i got an email. She said it was the most beautiful card ever made. That made me happy :) Really happy.

On sunday I’m going to see Ulf Lundell live here in Oslo. YAY for that. It will be my 4th or maybe 5th time I see him. I’ve lost count. haha. I’m going with my mum. Dad is also coming along. I don’t know anyone else that (expect my sister and a distant acquaintance) who like Ulf Lundell as much as I do. So that’s why I’m going with my parents. Sounds dorky, but I don’t really care. I love Lundell too much to care.

The concert is said to be unplugged. That’s what the ticket says. But I have my doubts it will be all unplugged. I can’t really see Lundell and Janne Bark, kick off an hole concert with no electricity. It’s like Bruce and the unplugged concert he had in ’93 on MTV. It was one song unplugged and then he shouted out: Let’s rock ‘n roll! Haha. So… we’ll see. I’ll give you an update next monday or so.

Anyway… here is the last cards. Enjoy!





So, how have things been going since my last update?

  1. Brush teeth: doing great.
  2. Walk: Doing good. I had one day I failed, but that was a very sucky day and I couldn’t help myself!
  3. Eat fruit: Doing great. Clementine season is here. That makes things easier. But not all clementines are good, so it’s hard to know which one is good though.
  4. Bed before 22.30: Not doing good. Had tree nights I’ve failed. This is the hardest goal to keep.

Regarding bed-time. I go back to the same system as before. I say ‘fuck it’ and don’t care. I don’t want my bed-time goal to be the goal I fail at. This goal has the worst effect if I fail. Immediate effect at least.

It takes some time to develop a hole in a tooth, but if you’re late in bed a day or two in a row, the effect is immediately there the next day. And it takes a long time to repair too, to get back on track!

Now that I got my ‘red week’, it’s even worse. It’s even more important to be in bed on time. But even harder too, because the ‘i-dont-care’ feeling is more present.

Rebuilding my spine is hard.

I have been thinking that making three out of goals is good. And maybe I should be happy with that? I can’t be perfect all the time, right? But acting out those thoughts, doesn’t make me feel good. It feels like I’m giving in and giving up. And I don’t want that.

Stay strong and block out all the bad thoughts! I can do it!!

No more posts.