I promised to give an status report on my goals. Here it is.

  1. Walking: I’m doing good. I think I’ve only taken the bus once when I shouldn’t have, since my last report. That was monday afternoon. I was dead tired and had a huge bag with me. Not sure if it’s any good excuse, but it’s at least an explaination. Overall I’m doing good, so I should be proud and not think too much of that one mistake.
  2. Fruits: In the week-days I’m doing good. In the weekends I’m not doing that good. I forget! The thing is that I never have fruits at home. Almost all the fruits I eat I buy on my way to work and I keep it there. I do better than expected, so I shouldn’t be all upset. But I should try to fix the weekend-issues, because I want to do great, not just good!
  3. In bed before 22.30: I majorly suck here. I think I’ve given up maintaining this goal and it makes me angry. When it first started to get hard, I did try. Now I’m not even trying anymore. I have a big ‘fuck it’ in my head when the evening/night comes. Not continue with this goal has done something with my energy-level and ruined my mornings. I’m tired every morning and it takes hours before I feel fully rested! Sigh.  I’m back at sore eyes, yawning and low energy-level in the evenings.

I did talk about adding a new goal; clean a little bit every day. Hah. Wishful thinking. I tried a few days last week without setting it up as a goal. It did work for a few days and then I totally forgot about it. Haha.

Maybe I need to actually put it up as a goal to remember it? Hmm. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna do it or not. It is a really good goal, but should I add one more if i can’t keep the ones I already have?

Again, I’m gonna sleep on it.

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