Music, party and tiredness!

I suffer from too little sleep this weekend. And what’s the reason for that? Let me list a few things:

  • I was partying saturday evening / night and wasn’t in bed before 3 o’clock in the morning. After  I came home, first I had to eat and while eating I decided to empty the dish-washer. Uhm… in the middle of the night! *sigh*
  • I was up at 9 o’clock sunday morning. Smart, eh?
  • Didn’t go to bed before 23.45 last night. Watched a great Danish moive called After the Wedding with Rolf Lassgård and Mads Mikkelsen. I can’t say it enough times, I love Danish movies!!
  • Got up at 05.45 this morning. Slept over at my parents house and drove to work from them. Was so tired that I accidently took the train with an expired ticket! haha.

As I do every day, I go to Kiwi to buy bread for lunch. I’ve been visiting that grocerystore almost every day for a few months now. So the people ther know me and some of them greet me when I come. But nobody talks to me, ask me how I am etc.

But today…. oh my! I’m standing by the bread-section and one of the staff-memembers first greet me and then ask me if there was a party last night. I didn’t understand why he asked me that. I was very confused, but giggled and said no. And then he replies ‘oh you look tired’!


Ok. Ok. I know I probably looked like shit, but no need to rub it in my face just because. We’ve never spoken to each other and this is what he starts with!? >:/ It was close to rude, since he doesn’t know me at all!

I could of course have said I was partying on saturday, but that would’ve sounded very stupid. Like.. ‘oh you partied on saturday and you still look like shit!’.

I think I had my first drink at 17.30 saturday afternoon. I brougth all my clothes up to Linda and dressed myself up there while heating up and eating pizza her mum had made. And Tonje worked with Linda’s hair for 1.5 hours. Linda wanted Katie Melua curls, haha. We had to go and borrow my mums curler, because Linda had none. She ended up with supernice curls and she did look a bit like Melua, so Tonje did a great job.

The taxi was just a little bit late. Way better than in August when we had to wait for over an hour and nag twice!

It was fun at the party. The Abba-coverband did a great job playing all the hits. We danced a lot. I danced a couple of dances with Kai Arne (son of one of my parnents friends). We always dance when we’re out partying. I also danced with a guy i thought I knew who was, but after I’d danced one dance, I found out it wasn’t the one I thought it was. haha. They just looked a like.

After the Abba-band was finished Back to Basic played. They were a bit more boring. To be honest, I can’t remember one song they played. Oh wait, they played one Bruce song. Don’t remember which one. I tried to get Linda on the dancefloor, but she refused. She was talking to a guy she went to school with a long time ago. I called her a traitor and headed for the dancefloor. hahaha. I was dancing on my own, there were only couples at the dancefloor. I must’ve looked really smart out there… uhm.. yeah… It was Bruce, what can you do?

Talking about Bruce. A new album from the mighty Bruce is due in late January. I think it’s the 27th. When he recorded Magic he didn’t stop writing and had lot of songs leftover. That’s why he’s out with a new album now. Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait!

Talking about new music. I’ve downloaded lots of new stuff today; Coldplay, Anna Ternheim, Ulf Lundell, the Killers and Timbuktu. All new stuff :) Mostly Swedish stuff I see now.

Now I have the problem that I have five cd’s I want to listen to at the same time. A bit difficult. Now wait, I have six, because I’m still hooked on Glasvegas! This reminds me of old days when I purchaced five albums at the same time. Often I only got around to listen to a few of them and forgot the rest because i got hooked on the first album I choose to listen too.  This reminds me that I have a few new albums I need to have another listen too (Oasis and Travis). Sigh.  Too much new music, but not enough time…

I should give a status report on my goals, but I’m not in the mood and I’m too tired. I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

Now I’m gonna go to bed thinking about all the stuff I should’ve done to day that I haven’t done. Deal with my enormous shoe-problem, plan christmas-gifts, check my bank account etc etc.

Oh well…. I can’t be perfect, can I?

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