I miss that light!


November is one big sigh. It’s not autumn, it’s not winter and christmas is here, but not here. And then there is the missing light that makes it so fun to photograph. It’s never around anymore, that golden light.

There is no light when I head for work and no light when I’m leaving the office at 16.00 either. Only time I can catch some good light is around noon on saturdays and sundays. But I’m not even certain to get some light then either. The evil clouds and grey weather might be there and mess things up.

Who wants to go photographing in grey weather? Not me at least.

I’m longing for some snow and sun to bright up my side of the world and give me some nice light to shoot in. In the meantime, I’ve just have to look at some memories of that nice golden light.

I checked the weather cast for this weekend. It’s gonna be full sun on sunday and one degree below zero. Brr. It’s getting colder. Then I have one mission on suday – go shooting! Hopefully I won’t suffer from a bad hangover since I’m going out on saturday. Wish me good luck ;)

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