Double O seven

My name is Bond, James Bond. Or is it?

I went to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, today. Ellen had invited me. I didn’t have any expectations regardings the film and was curious about how it was. It’s the first time I see Daniel Craig as Bond, since I didn’t see the last Bond movie.

We had seats at row 6 which was great. We had free tickets too. Even better. Not sure if I told you, but Ellen  won four tickets at work a while ago. And she gave two to me :) What a nice friend.

When the movie ended and we were heading for the exit one thought came up.

Was this a Bond-movie?

The moive had great action-scenes and was exiting. But I think it lacked some fundamental Bond elements. He didn’t introduce himself once by saying; my name is Bond, James Bond. And I didn’t see him drink a Dry Martini shaken, not stirred once! It’s not that by including those two things, it would’ve become so much better. It’s more like the essence of Bond that was missing.

if you changed the name of the movie to just Quantum of Solace and switched Bond’s name to something else, this could any other action moive. There are spectacular scenes, people that don’t die that should’ve died long time ago, pretty women, fast cars, sharp guns and all that jazz. But I think the essence Bond went up in smoke quite early in the movie.

How do I wrap this up? I think it was good as an action movie, but so-so as a Bond-movie.

At my way home, on the bus, I saw three old guys sitting across me. And one of the guys, oh god, he looked just like Jesper Christensen who played Mr. White in the moive. That was quite funny.

Another funny thing… at work today, Ellen and I emailed each other to set a time and place for us to meet before the movie started. I had some stuff to do after I left the office,  so I said I could meet her at Burger King in Karl Johans gate at 17.00. She agreed to that.

What neither of us thought about was that there is two Burger Kings in that street. And do you think we ended up at the same one? Of course not. She went to the one we always goes to. But I, I went to the one closest to the train station. For some reason, I didn’t think of the other one at all.

After a phone conversation we found out one of us had to meet the other one. Ellen decided to go to where I was because she was surrounded by a bunch of noisy teenagers who could make her go balistic any minute ;)

Next time, we’ll specify which Burger King we mean.

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