Girl from the past and new music

Today at work something really cool happened. It had nothing to do with work though. It just happened while I was there.

I heard a sound from my cellphone. I’d gotten a text-message.  And it was from a very old pen-pal of mine. Her name is Genelie and is from the Philippines, but lives in Norway. I think I must have been around 16 when I started to write with her. I don’t remember how I got in touch with her, but somehow I did. I wrote to her and someone who was her cousin I think. Her name was Mary-Ann.

Genelie moved to Norway a few years after we started writing to each other and we had some contact after she moved here. But it ended the way things often do, we lost contact. It just faded away graduately.

So I was very surprised when I now got an sms from her. It must be eight years since we talked last time. She asked me if I remembered her and if i was doing good. I had to reply right away. I said I remembered her and was happy to hear from her. I asked for her email-adresse so I could email her. I got her adresse and I think it’s for her msn too. So now when we’re both online, we can talk again!

I did think about her at the end of this summer. I went through some of my stuff at my parents house. They ordered me to go through some stuff and toss away things I didn’t need. Among old stuff, I found a plastic bag with old letters. Some love-letters and some letters from friends and family. That was fun to read. Among  all the letters I found some from Genelie.

I also found letters from a few other pen-pals I had. I’ve had quite a few over the years. Six if I’m not mistaken. Two from the Philippines, a girl from Australia, a guy from Ghana and one girl and a guy from Norway. It would be fun to reconnect with them.   

Today I’ve discovered a new supercool band called Glasvegas. Their debut album was released here late September and reviewers gave them great reviews. I didn’t got around to check them out until today. At work, in a spare moment, I was online and read a review of ther comming christmas-album. Yes, they’re releasing a new album not long after their debut. Their debut in Scotland (where they come from) was already in May, so it’s not really that close, but still – two albums in 8 months is good.

The review I read said that their new album was great too. So now I just had to check them out. I went to youtube, cos I know I can find everything there. First I listened to their song Geraldine. Oh my, they took me by storm. It was that great. I knew half way through the first song I’d ever heard from them, that they were great. The mix of his voice (which is GREAT), his Scottish accent and the melody did it for me! Then I heard Daddy’s Gone which was equally as good, if not better. Oh my! It’s nice to have a job where I can listen to music while working :)

I just love when I find such musical gems.

i downloaded the album today. I think I will have to go Platekompaniet to buy the actual cd as well, because I would very much like to have the sleeve so I can look at the pictures and lyrics. Them being Scottish and sing with a heavy accent, means that i don’t understand half of what they’re singing. Heh. So I need the lyrics to get more out the songs. It only costed 99 NOK, at least online, so I guess it will cost that in the store as well, and that I can afford.

I’ve been listening to the album a few times now. They are really dark and depressing, singing about the working middleclass. The song Geraldine is about a social worker! Depressing and dark can also be beautiful. They have proved that.

Whatelse can I say than YAY! :)

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