Wall decore signed by me (and maybe some others)

On one of my white walls in the livingroom I got four pictures taken by me up on the wall. They are placed over my sideboard from IKEA. It’s black and white pictures in stainless steel frames. I’ve been thinking of changing the pictures; to put some new pictures up. So far I haven’t been able to figure out what to put there. Not that I have thought very hard about it, but I have given it a few thoughts at least.

Here the other day my flickr-buddy Moa Maria gave me an idea. She commened on this picture and said it would be great if I included this in a set with three of my others natury pictures. Her idea was not bad at all. The only thing I want to is to replace one of the pictures she suggested. So then it will end up like this.


I think these will fit, now that the winter is on its way. They all have a wintery feeling; the green ones are filled with frost and the two others are white-ish.

What I love is that they are square. I just love square photos and I think it will look great on my wall. I don’t have any frames that would fit, so I would have to go buy some new ones. Where do I go? IKEA of course. They have lots of frames and they don’t cost that much either.

I’m not sure I’ll find fitting frames though. I can print the photos in size 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm. The frames I’ve seen this one, is 23 x 23, so I’m not sure how that will work. Maybe I should bring something in size 20 x 20 cm to IKEA and try? ;)

I’m sure I’ll work it out some way.  First I have to decide if it’s really these pictures I want to put up on my wall. Then I have to check if I have money to get them printed and frame them. Sigh, the money-issue never stops to pop up.

Oh well, dont let that spoil my good idea. Let me at least play with the thought for a while, before I start worrying!

I also have another picture I want up on my wall, but that’s not my pictures. it’s a contact from flickr, the ever so cool nouk|b . I asked him if I could purchase his picture and he said he would be flattered as hell. We exchanged a few mails, but now he’s m.ia. Utterly sigh. He disappeared in the middle of settling the deal, which is a bit annoying if I can say it. Well I know he’s very on / off when it comes to flickr, so I guess that explain things a bit, but it’s still annoying. Oh well, no use in complaining. Things are the way they are. Nothing I can do about it, besides bombard him with flickr-mails, but I doubt it will help. And… I don’t wanna act/sound desperate.

I guess I don’t have to remind anyone on what time is it… *rolls eyes*


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