How to get in when you don’t have a key

Yesterday I went home to my parents house because I was going to visit my friend, Terje. Before I went up to his place I had to drive my parents and Terje’s parents to a party. I had some cd’s I was going to give him, so I had to stop my the house on my way to him. He only lives 200 meters from our house, but I wanted to drive because of the weather.

When I came home I didn’t find the housekey. I looked around in the car, but couldn’t find it. So the key was in mum’s purse. Sigh. The weather was bad; it was dark, foggy and rainy and I didn’t really wanna drive those ten minutes (one way) to get the key.

One of the kitchen windows were slightly open, so I knew I could try to get in that way. The only thing, was that this window is about two meters above the ground. So it wouldn’t be easy.

I saw a ladder on the lawn in front of the house and I thought I could use that. No. The ladder was too high, so it would be impossible to use that. What to do then? I went into the garage to try find something stand on. I found three old milk-boxes I could place on top of each other. Next to those I placed another soda-box so I would be able to get on top of the other boxes.

I took of my boots and my jacket, so they wouldn’t be in the way. I pushed myself up and grabbed the end of the counter. As I pushed the boxes fell down, so I could only hope that I managed hold that grip and drag myself inside.

I was lucky! The plan worked. I was inside.

I wish I could’ve seen myself doing this. It mus’ve looked very funny. But I’m glad nobody else saw me, because then they would surly think it was a burglar and called the police. Oh my, that would’ve been something… lol.

Later that evening, around midnight, I went to pick up my parents and Terje’s parents. First mum, Vigdis and Kai went into the car. I told them what had happened and they laughed so hard. Kai praised me for being creative ;) When dad came into the car, I told him the story too. He just asked why I didn’t drove back to get the key. I explained it was because of the weather, but he only shook his head.

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