So, how have things been going since my last update?

  1. Brush teeth: doing great.
  2. Walk: Doing good. I had one day I failed, but that was a very sucky day and I couldn’t help myself!
  3. Eat fruit: Doing great. Clementine season is here. That makes things easier. But not all clementines are good, so it’s hard to know which one is good though.
  4. Bed before 22.30: Not doing good. Had tree nights I’ve failed. This is the hardest goal to keep.

Regarding bed-time. I go back to the same system as before. I say ‘fuck it’ and don’t care. I don’t want my bed-time goal to be the goal I fail at. This goal has the worst effect if I fail. Immediate effect at least.

It takes some time to develop a hole in a tooth, but if you’re late in bed a day or two in a row, the effect is immediately there the next day. And it takes a long time to repair too, to get back on track!

Now that I got my ‘red week’, it’s even worse. It’s even more important to be in bed on time. But even harder too, because the ‘i-dont-care’ feeling is more present.

Rebuilding my spine is hard.

I have been thinking that making three out of goals is good. And maybe I should be happy with that? I can’t be perfect all the time, right? But acting out those thoughts, doesn’t make me feel good. It feels like I’m giving in and giving up. And I don’t want that.

Stay strong and block out all the bad thoughts! I can do it!!

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