Christmas-cards & Ulf Lundell

So far I’ve made 14 Christmas-cards. I think I have twenty left. Here the othre day i got one more card to make. A flickr-friend (Jaep) asked me if I could send him a home-made card, because he was curious on how they look. I emailed him and told him he had to send me his address so I could send one. He was really happy I would send one :)

Here the other day I made a card specially for mum. I knew she would like it, because I’d written the name of a song of Ulf Lundell on the card. See below on the first card. The text says ‘snart kommer änglarna att komma’ which means ‘soon will the angels arrive’.

That song is a beautiful Christmas song that we play every 23rd of Decemember when we’re decorating the house with Christmas-stuff. And Ulf Lundell is my mums biggest music-idol.


I emailed a picture of it to here, as I’ve done with every other card I’ve made. It didn’t take long before i got an email. She said it was the most beautiful card ever made. That made me happy :) Really happy.

On sunday I’m going to see Ulf Lundell live here in Oslo. YAY for that. It will be my 4th or maybe 5th time I see him. I’ve lost count. haha. I’m going with my mum. Dad is also coming along. I don’t know anyone else that (expect my sister and a distant acquaintance) who like Ulf Lundell as much as I do. So that’s why I’m going with my parents. Sounds dorky, but I don’t really care. I love Lundell too much to care.

The concert is said to be unplugged. That’s what the ticket says. But I have my doubts it will be all unplugged. I can’t really see Lundell and Janne Bark, kick off an hole concert with no electricity. It’s like Bruce and the unplugged concert he had in ’93 on MTV. It was one song unplugged and then he shouted out: Let’s rock ‘n roll! Haha. So… we’ll see. I’ll give you an update next monday or so.

Anyway… here is the last cards. Enjoy!




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