How to spice up your candles (and more)

A while ago, I think it was last month, I went to Panduro to buy some stuff for my christmas cards. Then I found something really cool. It was ‘tattoos’ you can put on your candle lights to spice them up. Brilliant. I bought a christmas set for myself and some angels for a friend of mine as a part of a christmas gift.

It’s really easy to do it and it looks so cool.


This is what you do:

  1. Pour water into a bowl
  2. Put the tattoo in the bowl of water.
  3. Let it lay there for 15 seconds.
  4. Peel the tattoo of the paper.
  5. Place it on the candle. Press it gently down. Try not to make any air-bubbles in the tattoo.
  6. Let it try up.

Voila. Then you have a candle looking like this:


It’s cool, ay? I just love it! I have two candles like this. The white candle comes from IKEA and is leftover from my sisters wedding in August. It was many leftovers which barely had burned anything at all and I grabbed five of them. There are a lot more at my parents house. They have a small bag with around 20.

I’ve made five christmas cards today. It went fast. I had those five done in no time. And they became great too. One of them is maybe my fave so far! Pictures of them will come later. While making these cards I watched a clairvoyant named Lisa. Uhm.. don’t remember her last name and I’m too lazy to look it up. Really interesting show. She talks to people from the past / help out peope etc. it’s always something sad on that show and I usually shred a few tears watching it!

Oh. I got to tell write about something cool. My friend Gro, I have had some difficulties to know what to give her for christmas. We never buy each other expensive things, but we do give each other something. Not always easy to know what to buy. While making my christmas card, I came up with this brilliant idea. I’m gonna make her some christmas cookies. They’re called ‘peppernøtter’. Directly translated it would be peppernuts. I know she loves them. And now, when she’s pregnant and soon is gonna deliver her first baby, I’m sure she doesn’t have much time for christmas cookie baking. So that will be a perfect gift.

What I need to buy is something store them in. I will go downtown tomorrow after work to look for something. I’ll buy the ingredients too and maybe make the dough. Gro is celebrating her birthday on friday (bunch of girls going out eating) and that might be the last time I see her before Christmas, so I want to give it to her then.  This makes me excited :)

It’s time for bed. Nighty night!

Wishlist for Christmas

My apartment is filled with tons of stuff. I have a lot of different things and I don’t think there is room for more stuff.  But still I want more. I alsways do. I’m almost always thinking about new things I want. Now, since december and Christmas is on its way, I can actually think about it without feeling too bad.

Here’s mine:

  • baking bowls from Rosti, 3 and 4 litre. Green. Or black or red.
  • curtains for my living-room. Brownish.
  • telephone (home-phone). Wireless.
  • Ewa Moneroes sak by Håkan Nesser. Softcover.
  • U2 by U2. Softcover.
  • A cap / hoodie
  • shirt (long sleeves). White, red or yellow. Everything but black and pink would be ok.
  • Polaroid camera. One 600. + film.
  • Candle holders called Loop. Designer Georg Jensen.
  • Advent candle holder in steel. Designer Georg Jensen.
  • thin scarf
  • remote controll for my camera.
  • wine glass from Ritzenhof
  • macro lense. Not sure what kind yet. The idea just popped up in my mind and I think a macro lense should be my next lense.
  • photoprinter from Epson.
  • paper cutter.
  • all sorts of things I can make cards with (stamps, paper, beads, dies etc etc).

That’s all I can come up with right now. It’s a lot of stuff. Hopefully I will get some for Christmas. The things I won’t get, I just have to think about as 2009 comes upon me.

It’s getting late and I’m ten past dead already. How typical isn’t it that one of my fave moives just started; Born on the fourth of July. Argh. I would really want to see this moive! But at this hour?! I should go to bed and watch it on dvd another day. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Is it that time a year again?

We’re 26 days into November and sneaking upon me comes the joy of my favorite holiday, Christmas. There are little things, here and there, that bring the child in me up to the surface. I am, no doubt about it, a Christmas-person.

My all-time favourite Christmas movie, besides that Chech Cinderella moive, Home Alone I, poped into my mind a while ago. It’s waiting for me to be seen – yet another time. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but I always end up seeing it some time before Christmas. And I’m never tired of that cute ten year old Macaulay Culkin who play Kevin McCalliser.

I spent a lot of time with Linda this weekend and she got me in the Christmas spirit. So did Moa with the pictures of some of her gifts.

Next monday is the first of December and for me that means I can start decorating my house with Christmas stuff. I don’t spend Christmas in my own apartment, but at my parents house, so if I should start decorate when we usually does it, the 23rd, it would mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the decoration.

I’ve started shopping for christmas-gifts. I’ve bought a few already. They are all to Linda. Some gifts are planned, but not bought. And I have a few persons I have no idea what to buy; like my mum. She’s a hopeless case.  Sigh. Thank god, dads gift are sorted out. Me and my sister are gonna buy hime the whole James Bond collection. He wants that.

Shopping gifts are superfun, even though it can be stressful from time to time. I just got to remember to not go shopping when I don’t know what I’m looking for. It’s better to have a plan than just walk around like a zombie not knowing what you’re looking for!

Regarding the Christmas cards, I’m still not finished. Made a few this week. I think I have at least ten cards left, if not twelve. I will have to speed up a bit. It’s been going slow the last week.

My new christmas project is gift tags. I found out yesterday that I had ten gift-tags that I could use. I just had to decorate them.  They ar supercool and so much nicer than the ones I usually make. I’ve never cared much about the gift-tag, but this year I will! My creative brain can’t ignore it ;)

So here is one of the newest card, with some new metalic santa’s that I bought last week and the four gift-tags I’ve made today. Cute, ay?


Aahh. I can’t wait for December to start :) It’s such a great month. I’m looking forward to put on some Christmas music. I have a cd by Oslo Gospel Choir and they have a few GREAT songs. I won’t start until the 1st. Or mabye sunday… when we got the 1st sunday in Advent.


I promised to give an status report on my goals. Here it is.

  1. Walking: I’m doing good. I think I’ve only taken the bus once when I shouldn’t have, since my last report. That was monday afternoon. I was dead tired and had a huge bag with me. Not sure if it’s any good excuse, but it’s at least an explaination. Overall I’m doing good, so I should be proud and not think too much of that one mistake.
  2. Fruits: In the week-days I’m doing good. In the weekends I’m not doing that good. I forget! The thing is that I never have fruits at home. Almost all the fruits I eat I buy on my way to work and I keep it there. I do better than expected, so I shouldn’t be all upset. But I should try to fix the weekend-issues, because I want to do great, not just good!
  3. In bed before 22.30: I majorly suck here. I think I’ve given up maintaining this goal and it makes me angry. When it first started to get hard, I did try. Now I’m not even trying anymore. I have a big ‘fuck it’ in my head when the evening/night comes. Not continue with this goal has done something with my energy-level and ruined my mornings. I’m tired every morning and it takes hours before I feel fully rested! Sigh.  I’m back at sore eyes, yawning and low energy-level in the evenings.

I did talk about adding a new goal; clean a little bit every day. Hah. Wishful thinking. I tried a few days last week without setting it up as a goal. It did work for a few days and then I totally forgot about it. Haha.

Maybe I need to actually put it up as a goal to remember it? Hmm. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna do it or not. It is a really good goal, but should I add one more if i can’t keep the ones I already have?

Again, I’m gonna sleep on it.

Music, party and tiredness!

I suffer from too little sleep this weekend. And what’s the reason for that? Let me list a few things:

  • I was partying saturday evening / night and wasn’t in bed before 3 o’clock in the morning. After  I came home, first I had to eat and while eating I decided to empty the dish-washer. Uhm… in the middle of the night! *sigh*
  • I was up at 9 o’clock sunday morning. Smart, eh?
  • Didn’t go to bed before 23.45 last night. Watched a great Danish moive called After the Wedding with Rolf Lassgård and Mads Mikkelsen. I can’t say it enough times, I love Danish movies!!
  • Got up at 05.45 this morning. Slept over at my parents house and drove to work from them. Was so tired that I accidently took the train with an expired ticket! haha.

As I do every day, I go to Kiwi to buy bread for lunch. I’ve been visiting that grocerystore almost every day for a few months now. So the people ther know me and some of them greet me when I come. But nobody talks to me, ask me how I am etc.

But today…. oh my! I’m standing by the bread-section and one of the staff-memembers first greet me and then ask me if there was a party last night. I didn’t understand why he asked me that. I was very confused, but giggled and said no. And then he replies ‘oh you look tired’!


Ok. Ok. I know I probably looked like shit, but no need to rub it in my face just because. We’ve never spoken to each other and this is what he starts with!? >:/ It was close to rude, since he doesn’t know me at all!

I could of course have said I was partying on saturday, but that would’ve sounded very stupid. Like.. ‘oh you partied on saturday and you still look like shit!’.

I think I had my first drink at 17.30 saturday afternoon. I brougth all my clothes up to Linda and dressed myself up there while heating up and eating pizza her mum had made. And Tonje worked with Linda’s hair for 1.5 hours. Linda wanted Katie Melua curls, haha. We had to go and borrow my mums curler, because Linda had none. She ended up with supernice curls and she did look a bit like Melua, so Tonje did a great job.

The taxi was just a little bit late. Way better than in August when we had to wait for over an hour and nag twice!

It was fun at the party. The Abba-coverband did a great job playing all the hits. We danced a lot. I danced a couple of dances with Kai Arne (son of one of my parnents friends). We always dance when we’re out partying. I also danced with a guy i thought I knew who was, but after I’d danced one dance, I found out it wasn’t the one I thought it was. haha. They just looked a like.

After the Abba-band was finished Back to Basic played. They were a bit more boring. To be honest, I can’t remember one song they played. Oh wait, they played one Bruce song. Don’t remember which one. I tried to get Linda on the dancefloor, but she refused. She was talking to a guy she went to school with a long time ago. I called her a traitor and headed for the dancefloor. hahaha. I was dancing on my own, there were only couples at the dancefloor. I must’ve looked really smart out there… uhm.. yeah… It was Bruce, what can you do?

Talking about Bruce. A new album from the mighty Bruce is due in late January. I think it’s the 27th. When he recorded Magic he didn’t stop writing and had lot of songs leftover. That’s why he’s out with a new album now. Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait!

Talking about new music. I’ve downloaded lots of new stuff today; Coldplay, Anna Ternheim, Ulf Lundell, the Killers and Timbuktu. All new stuff :) Mostly Swedish stuff I see now.

Now I have the problem that I have five cd’s I want to listen to at the same time. A bit difficult. Now wait, I have six, because I’m still hooked on Glasvegas! This reminds me of old days when I purchaced five albums at the same time. Often I only got around to listen to a few of them and forgot the rest because i got hooked on the first album I choose to listen too.  This reminds me that I have a few new albums I need to have another listen too (Oasis and Travis). Sigh.  Too much new music, but not enough time…

I should give a status report on my goals, but I’m not in the mood and I’m too tired. I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

Now I’m gonna go to bed thinking about all the stuff I should’ve done to day that I haven’t done. Deal with my enormous shoe-problem, plan christmas-gifts, check my bank account etc etc.

Oh well…. I can’t be perfect, can I?

I miss that light!


November is one big sigh. It’s not autumn, it’s not winter and christmas is here, but not here. And then there is the missing light that makes it so fun to photograph. It’s never around anymore, that golden light.

There is no light when I head for work and no light when I’m leaving the office at 16.00 either. Only time I can catch some good light is around noon on saturdays and sundays. But I’m not even certain to get some light then either. The evil clouds and grey weather might be there and mess things up.

Who wants to go photographing in grey weather? Not me at least.

I’m longing for some snow and sun to bright up my side of the world and give me some nice light to shoot in. In the meantime, I’ve just have to look at some memories of that nice golden light.

I checked the weather cast for this weekend. It’s gonna be full sun on sunday and one degree below zero. Brr. It’s getting colder. Then I have one mission on suday – go shooting! Hopefully I won’t suffer from a bad hangover since I’m going out on saturday. Wish me good luck ;)

Double O seven

My name is Bond, James Bond. Or is it?

I went to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, today. Ellen had invited me. I didn’t have any expectations regardings the film and was curious about how it was. It’s the first time I see Daniel Craig as Bond, since I didn’t see the last Bond movie.

We had seats at row 6 which was great. We had free tickets too. Even better. Not sure if I told you, but Ellen  won four tickets at work a while ago. And she gave two to me :) What a nice friend.

When the movie ended and we were heading for the exit one thought came up.

Was this a Bond-movie?

The moive had great action-scenes and was exiting. But I think it lacked some fundamental Bond elements. He didn’t introduce himself once by saying; my name is Bond, James Bond. And I didn’t see him drink a Dry Martini shaken, not stirred once! It’s not that by including those two things, it would’ve become so much better. It’s more like the essence of Bond that was missing.

if you changed the name of the movie to just Quantum of Solace and switched Bond’s name to something else, this could any other action moive. There are spectacular scenes, people that don’t die that should’ve died long time ago, pretty women, fast cars, sharp guns and all that jazz. But I think the essence Bond went up in smoke quite early in the movie.

How do I wrap this up? I think it was good as an action movie, but so-so as a Bond-movie.

At my way home, on the bus, I saw three old guys sitting across me. And one of the guys, oh god, he looked just like Jesper Christensen who played Mr. White in the moive. That was quite funny.

Another funny thing… at work today, Ellen and I emailed each other to set a time and place for us to meet before the movie started. I had some stuff to do after I left the office,  so I said I could meet her at Burger King in Karl Johans gate at 17.00. She agreed to that.

What neither of us thought about was that there is two Burger Kings in that street. And do you think we ended up at the same one? Of course not. She went to the one we always goes to. But I, I went to the one closest to the train station. For some reason, I didn’t think of the other one at all.

After a phone conversation we found out one of us had to meet the other one. Ellen decided to go to where I was because she was surrounded by a bunch of noisy teenagers who could make her go balistic any minute ;)

Next time, we’ll specify which Burger King we mean.

Little gems

It’s getting colder. I’m not surprised if the temprature is below zero when I’m off for work in the mornings. I haven’t checked, so I can’t be sure, but it sure feels like it. Brrr.

After I ended work today, I went downtown. I had one goal and that was to buy the new CD of Glasvegas. I have dowloaded it (ahem… illegally.. hush, don’t tell anyone), but I really wanted the sleeve so I could read the lyrics (and of course support the artist). Just listening to the songs isn’t enough, since the singer sings with his Scottish accent which is hard to understand. heh.

After I’d bought that, to only 99 NOK, I went over to H&M – the store where they only sell scarfs, hoods, jewlery, bags etc. I just wanted have a look. Just have a look? Who am I kidding? 95% of the times I’m just gonna have a look, I end up with something. Because saying those words is just something I tell myself to not have it sounds so bad.

Anyway I went into H&M and looked around. Then I see this cute and cool green hood. I try it on and it fits perfectly. I think to myself that it’s only going to get colder and despite that I have lots of hoods at home, I don’t have any green and as nice as this. So I end up buying it.

Looking at some nice green hair-clips, I get an idea. I want to go look for some green pumps that I can wear to my new black dress. So I walked over to the nearest shoe-store (cheap one) to have a look. I don’t find any green pumps, they have only black. How stupid! While looking I discover some utterly cool red shoes. I instantly fall in love with them and have to try them on. Size 37 was acutally too big, to my big surprise, so I had to ask for 36. The fitted perfectly.

I go to the counter to buy them. First the lady behind the counter asks me if I’m gonna buy them. I say yes. Then she tells me: these shoes are NOT waterresistant. Do not walk with them when it’s raining. They can’t handle anything!  Uhm… can’t handle anything? I should’ve asked her if they could handle my feet and some walking, because for a moment it sounded like they were going to fall apart only by touching them.

Well, I bought them anyway. They were too cool to resist. I just have to restrain myself from jumping in any water pools on my way to work then! ;)


I concider all these three things little gems. I will wear the shoes and hoodie a lot and I’ve already listened to the cd a few times today. Not had a chance to read the lyrics though.

Girl from the past and new music

Today at work something really cool happened. It had nothing to do with work though. It just happened while I was there.

I heard a sound from my cellphone. I’d gotten a text-message.  And it was from a very old pen-pal of mine. Her name is Genelie and is from the Philippines, but lives in Norway. I think I must have been around 16 when I started to write with her. I don’t remember how I got in touch with her, but somehow I did. I wrote to her and someone who was her cousin I think. Her name was Mary-Ann.

Genelie moved to Norway a few years after we started writing to each other and we had some contact after she moved here. But it ended the way things often do, we lost contact. It just faded away graduately.

So I was very surprised when I now got an sms from her. It must be eight years since we talked last time. She asked me if I remembered her and if i was doing good. I had to reply right away. I said I remembered her and was happy to hear from her. I asked for her email-adresse so I could email her. I got her adresse and I think it’s for her msn too. So now when we’re both online, we can talk again!

I did think about her at the end of this summer. I went through some of my stuff at my parents house. They ordered me to go through some stuff and toss away things I didn’t need. Among old stuff, I found a plastic bag with old letters. Some love-letters and some letters from friends and family. That was fun to read. Among  all the letters I found some from Genelie.

I also found letters from a few other pen-pals I had. I’ve had quite a few over the years. Six if I’m not mistaken. Two from the Philippines, a girl from Australia, a guy from Ghana and one girl and a guy from Norway. It would be fun to reconnect with them.   

Today I’ve discovered a new supercool band called Glasvegas. Their debut album was released here late September and reviewers gave them great reviews. I didn’t got around to check them out until today. At work, in a spare moment, I was online and read a review of ther comming christmas-album. Yes, they’re releasing a new album not long after their debut. Their debut in Scotland (where they come from) was already in May, so it’s not really that close, but still – two albums in 8 months is good.

The review I read said that their new album was great too. So now I just had to check them out. I went to youtube, cos I know I can find everything there. First I listened to their song Geraldine. Oh my, they took me by storm. It was that great. I knew half way through the first song I’d ever heard from them, that they were great. The mix of his voice (which is GREAT), his Scottish accent and the melody did it for me! Then I heard Daddy’s Gone which was equally as good, if not better. Oh my! It’s nice to have a job where I can listen to music while working :)

I just love when I find such musical gems.

i downloaded the album today. I think I will have to go Platekompaniet to buy the actual cd as well, because I would very much like to have the sleeve so I can look at the pictures and lyrics. Them being Scottish and sing with a heavy accent, means that i don’t understand half of what they’re singing. Heh. So I need the lyrics to get more out the songs. It only costed 99 NOK, at least online, so I guess it will cost that in the store as well, and that I can afford.

I’ve been listening to the album a few times now. They are really dark and depressing, singing about the working middleclass. The song Geraldine is about a social worker! Depressing and dark can also be beautiful. They have proved that.

Whatelse can I say than YAY! :)

Wall decore signed by me (and maybe some others)

On one of my white walls in the livingroom I got four pictures taken by me up on the wall. They are placed over my sideboard from IKEA. It’s black and white pictures in stainless steel frames. I’ve been thinking of changing the pictures; to put some new pictures up. So far I haven’t been able to figure out what to put there. Not that I have thought very hard about it, but I have given it a few thoughts at least.

Here the other day my flickr-buddy Moa Maria gave me an idea. She commened on this picture and said it would be great if I included this in a set with three of my others natury pictures. Her idea was not bad at all. The only thing I want to is to replace one of the pictures she suggested. So then it will end up like this.


I think these will fit, now that the winter is on its way. They all have a wintery feeling; the green ones are filled with frost and the two others are white-ish.

What I love is that they are square. I just love square photos and I think it will look great on my wall. I don’t have any frames that would fit, so I would have to go buy some new ones. Where do I go? IKEA of course. They have lots of frames and they don’t cost that much either.

I’m not sure I’ll find fitting frames though. I can print the photos in size 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm. The frames I’ve seen this one, is 23 x 23, so I’m not sure how that will work. Maybe I should bring something in size 20 x 20 cm to IKEA and try? ;)

I’m sure I’ll work it out some way.  First I have to decide if it’s really these pictures I want to put up on my wall. Then I have to check if I have money to get them printed and frame them. Sigh, the money-issue never stops to pop up.

Oh well, dont let that spoil my good idea. Let me at least play with the thought for a while, before I start worrying!

I also have another picture I want up on my wall, but that’s not my pictures. it’s a contact from flickr, the ever so cool nouk|b . I asked him if I could purchase his picture and he said he would be flattered as hell. We exchanged a few mails, but now he’s m.ia. Utterly sigh. He disappeared in the middle of settling the deal, which is a bit annoying if I can say it. Well I know he’s very on / off when it comes to flickr, so I guess that explain things a bit, but it’s still annoying. Oh well, no use in complaining. Things are the way they are. Nothing I can do about it, besides bombard him with flickr-mails, but I doubt it will help. And… I don’t wanna act/sound desperate.

I guess I don’t have to remind anyone on what time is it… *rolls eyes*


No more posts.