Short update

My plan was to write a long entry here, but I got caught up in something else online and now I’m not inspired to write at all. How typical. So i’ll just give a short update on the competition.

Competition… well, it’s not so much a competition anymore, since someone quit way too soon (in my opinion at least). A bit annoying, but there is nothing I can do about it.

I’m still doing good. I’ve had a few times where I thought ‘fuck it, lets skip the whole thing’, but I’ve managed to keep myself going. I’m proud of that. It’s been two weeks now and my spine is slowly rebuilding.

  1. Be in bed by 22.30: I had one day where I was 20 mins late. All other days tucked myself in at 22.30. I must admit it has never been earlier than 22.30 either.
  2. Brush teeth before bed: Check! Done it every day!
  3. Walk more: Oh yeah, I haven’t skipped that once! I dread it in the mornings, but I don’t pay that feeling any attention other than that i registrer the feeling and push it away.
  4. Eat fruit every day: here I must say I’ve impressed myself. I’ve had one day, last saturday, where i failed. I didn’t have any fruit and had no time to go to the grocerystore. well, that’s not correct, I had plenty of time, but I did other things in stead. So instead I ate half a carrot to comensate. I must say one thing. Those who think you can exchange your chocolate with fruits… it’s like believing in Santa Claus. I eat as much as chocolate as I did before!

On to something else.

Last saturday, I went to see Sissel. She had a scrapping-evening. It was so much fun. I rode with her friend Kristin and we came around 4 o’clock. Another friend of Sissel was there too. We sat around a huge table and did different things. Sissel and Guro, the scrapped (photoalbum). Kristin built a cookbook. Only it’s not a book, it’s pages you can put on this round metal-thingy. You can swirl it round and round and the recepies hangs down from it. Oh god, that was a terrible description, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I made christmas cards.

What was so great, was that I could borrow things from both Sissel and Guro. That meant I could make great cards. I ended up with five cards. I’ll show them later, when I’ve taken a picture of them. Kristin  said I had to make and send her a christmas card, that’s how much she liked mine. So, I’m gonna do that :)

Being at Sissels house got me all inspired. There is so much I wanna buy. So tomorrow I’m going to Bikuben at Strømmen (told about that store before I think) and buy myself some new scrapping-stuff. It’s my birthday on friday and this is my birthdaygift to myself.

I found out something smart you know. Chantie owe me about 1300 NOK and I think I’m gonna use some of them to buy things. Maybe most of it too? Who knows if I’ll go crazy tomorrow. I haven’t got the money yet, but I do have money on my savings account. So I’ll use them until I get my money. I’m not in a hurry for those money, so I’m not stressing  her about it.  

I’ve been thinking about this little shopping-spree all week. Sunday and monday night, I even dreamt about scrapping. whaha. I’m crazy, I know it.

Ahem… short update? It didn’t get that short after all ;) I better end it, so I’ll be in bed by 22.30. It’s only 15 mins left.

Hey ho, lets go!

Opreation Judith!

A tidal wave with guilt hit me big time on tuesday. In the mail I got magazine Plan Norge sends out once in a while. What is Plan Norge you may wonder. Let me tell you. It’s an organisation that helps out people in other countires. It belongs to Plan International.

I have sponsor-child and have had that for years now. Her name is Judith and she comes from Uganda :) 

The magazine reminded me of the letter I got from her some months ago. After reading it I put it in my drawer, thinking I had to write her back and maybe send her something. The letter has been there since then and I have not written her back yet!

Ugh! I feel bad.

There were years I didn’t hear anything from her.  And she hasn’t heard anything from me either. I planned once to send her something, but I failed. I never sent anything.

Now I have to write her and send her something. And I can’t fail this time.  My plan is to write her a letter, attach some pictures of me and other things and a small gift.

The gift will be a big problem, because acording to Plan’s rules you can only send things that weight 150 gram or less. 150 gram? Hello! Does anybody know how little that is? It’s practically nothing.  So what can I send besides feathers and air? I was thinking some colorful pencils and maybe a pencil sharpener (in case she doesn’t have that). But it’s not going to be easy find that when the total weight has to be 150 grams.

Yesterday after work, I went downtown to have a look.  I didn’t find any I wanted to buy. While searching for something to send her, I caught myself thining ‘I don’t wanna buy her something too expensive’.

Oh my god!

Here I have more money that she maybe ever will see between her hands. And then I think to myself that I don’t wanna spend it on her, just because I feel like I can afford it. And the reason for that is that I really want to use it on myself. Spend it on clothes, concerts etc. I do send 220 NOK to Plan every month, but still… I think I could use a little extra moeny on buying her a gift.

I want to start on the project today, after work. Maybe I’ll go downtown today too?  To have a look. I know I’m spending some time tomorrow, downtown with Linda, a little shopping round. But I’m not sure I wanna use that time to look for this kind of thing.

The pictures I’m gonna send, I have to take first. I want a picture of myself, the building I live in, something from inside my apartment maybe, the cats, maybe my sister… I have lots of ideas here. Of course I do, it’s about photographing ;)

Hey ho. Let’s go!

Stutus report

Just a little status report on how things are going now that the first week is soon over:

  1. Walking: I’m good with the walking. I dread it every morning, but still I do it.
  2. Teeth: It’s like a walk in the park. Easy peasy. I’m doing great.
  3. Be in bed on time: Yesterday I failed be in bed by 22.30. I did one mistake and that was watching Grey’s Anathomy, even though I was recording it. The show ended 22.25 and after that I really, really wanted to blog because I had some ideas in my head I wanted to get down on paper. So I missed the time by 20 minutes. If I’d only turned off Grey’s and blogged while that was on. Then I would’ve made it to bed before 22.30. I’ll do better tonight!
  4. Fruit: It’s only the third day, but I’ve eaten fruit every day. This morning I had a banana. Bought it on my way to work. That was my breakfast, which means I have to eat something more soon, because I’m hungry. Yesterday I ate the rest of the grapes I bought on monday.

So all in all, I’m doing ok. But it’s only gone a week. And I never last more than a week or so. So this next week will be very importat.

Good luck to me!


While uploading a square picture to Flickr earlier today and idea popped into my mind. What if I could create cards out of pictures i take and sell them in batches of ten a pack? And since I uploaded a square picture, I thought – why not square cards?

The idea sounds so great in my mind.

it could be a pack of ten cards. Five different cards, two of each. And I would have to have envelopes in the same pack as well. The sell cards and envelopes like this at IKEA. Each pack would have a certain theme of course. Like black and white, autumn, flowers, cats etc etc. I already have a few square pictures I could use.

I could actually, use this idea as a gift (christmas, birthday). Give away my own cards in a set. Talk about shameless selfpromotion! Haha! Well, you got to do, what you got to do to get seen.

I think this is something to investigate further. I would need to find a place that can make cards out of digital pictures. Well, it’s not time for that now. Now it’s time for bed. I’m already 20 mins late. Sigh!

I’m all fruity!

It’s the second fruit-day and I’m haning in there! Yesterday when I walked from Galgeberg and to the office I stopped by Kiwi (grocerystore) and bought grapes. I ate half yesterday and half today. Now everything is gone.

For tomorrow I need to buy something else. I’m a bit tired of grapes now. haha. I think a banana will do great. With sugar and milk, of course. Yummy!

I’m on top of the walking. There is a split second with hesistation when I walk out the door, but I don’t pay that hesitation any attention. I can’t. If I dwell on it, I’m sure my legs will lead me to the nearest bus or tram. So I just keep on walking.

Yesterday, I went to bed even though I wasn’t ready for it. I just shut down 10 minutes before I should be in bed. I told myself I just had to be in bed and instantly brushed my teeth, turned off the TV and logged off Flickr. I said shortly goodnight to Chantie and then I turned off the light.

The first week with this game is over tomorrow and I’ve done remarkably good. Better than expected.

My spine is slowly rebuilding!


Fruits – the new goal!

Tomorrow is a new week and I need to set some new goals. Or… one new goal to be exact. I’ve come to the conclution to start slow, just to keep me going. No need to set the goals sky-high and watch myself fall flat on the ground right away. So that’s why I’m only setting one new goal. Of course I will keep the ones I’ve already made. So it will be as followed:

  1. Walk more. Walk the same routs as I did last week.
  2. Brush my teeth.
  3. Be in bed by 22.30
  4. Eat one fruit every day.

Fruit. Why do I have fruit on my goal-list? It’s as simple as this. I never eat fruit and that’s not good.  I should really eat fruit. It’s healty. Not sure why i don’t do it. It just doesn’t come naturally for me I think. Chocolate is what’s come natural for me. whaha. So this will be a real challange. It will be easier when the clementies are in the stores. I love clementies and I can eat a lot of those.

What I have to choose from is apples, bananas, green grapes, oranges and clementies when they arrive. What I can do, is to buy bananas and eat it on a slice of bread. That’s good. Oh, oh. Or even better. I can chop it up in thin slices, put them in a bowl, have sugar on them and fill up the bowl with milk. Yummy!

I’ll go to the groceristore near work tomorrow morning and buy some fruit. Or maybe I’ll do it when I’m out buying bread for the goofballs at the office. Either way, I’ll have fruits at the office before lunch!

Wish me all good luck with this week! Reports will come.

The Game so far :)

So.. how has the game been going so far?

I am impressed. It’s gone very well. I’ve done everything I should. Last night I went to bed, but had to get up again just because I found out I had forgotten to brush my teeth.

There is nothing much to say, other than there is new week coming and I have to set new goals. Keep the ones a already made and make new ones.

More about that later.

No more posts.