More Christmas-cards :)

Here is the Christmas-cards I said I would upload. I made one new today too. The first one is from today and the rest is from earlier this week.

I’m in need of some more paper. I got a lot of red paper, but I feel I can’t use it as base for a card. It’s too dark. It will be hard to write inside the card. I didn’t really think of that when I bought all that red paper. At first I bought lots of red and only one white paper. Never used white (or off-white etc) paper before at Christmas cards, so only bought on to test. Full sucsess! I really like the off-white/beige/brown-ish cards, they get a little vintage feel which I love.

I think about last year and the cards I made then. I thought they were cool and great, but compared to these, they weren’t as good as these. Oh god, I sound like… like I’m bragging a lot. I’m not really doing that… but must be able to think I’m making something nice/good, right? It’s not forbidden by law. heh.

My co-worker Sigrund, told me about another Panduro store in town, which is much bigger and better than the one downtown. The one she told me about is a bit out of the city center, but still very reachable. Since I won’t be able to go to Bikuben before next week, next thursday to be exact, I think I’m heading to Panduro tomorrow or saturday. Depends on how things turn out the two next days with my plans. And it depends on how lazy I’m.

Oh oh. Not good to let anything depend on my lazyness…. *shakes head*

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