I was looking forward to see Amy Macdonald at Rockefeller with Terje today. At work I was listeing to Amy while working. I have music on the left ear and the right ear “free” so I can hear other talk to me or the phone ;)

On my way home, walking up from Carl Berner, Terje called. He’d been checking out if the concert were sold out or not, just to check how many that would come. Then he saw that it had be cancled because of illness. Sigh! That sucks. We were both very unhappy about the situation. Hopefully she’ll come back later when she’s back in business.

Lucky for Terje that he checked that out before he left. It would’ve been annoying to drive 45 minutes, park the car, go over to Rockefeller just to find out the concert is cancled. And then just have to go home again.

Listening to Amy in my bedroom (where my computer are) with music from the computer-speakers are SO NOT the same!

Oh well, like Terje said – life goes on ;)

It goes on indeed. The clokc tic’s off in a rapid speed towards 22.30 – when I have to be in bed. I better go brush my teeth and get ready. A yawn just escaped my mouth and told me I’m close to ‘dead’.

Hey ho, lets go.

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