Making (Christmas)-cards

I went downtown after I was finished at work yesterday. I had to stop by  Panduro  (hobby/craft-shop) to look for some things for my christmas cards. After visiting Bikuben last week, I have to say that Panduro is a little bit of a disappointment. But they are two different stores. Bikuben sells things regarding scrapbooking and cardmaking only, but Panduro has so much other things too.

It was hard to find what I was looking for. Their paper-section is crappy and it doesn’t have 1 /20 of what Bikuben has. Bikuben has a whole floor just with paper! I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for (a white paper), but the paper I got turned out OK in the end.

I also found another paper with drawings on which was cool. And a glue pen which was nothing like I had expected, and not what I wanted at all. But at least it didn’t cost me much. I also bought a painted santaclaus wodden figure to put on cards and at cut-board (size A4) that will prevent me from damage the dining-table! It was much needed!

After I came home, had eaten dinner and been online for a short while, I sat down with at the dining table and made two new cards. I’ve very pleased with them. I must say that a new world has opened after I got the new stuff. That tong I use to die out shapes, letters etc. is fanastic. It opens up so many posibillties. I have to post the new cards, but first I have to take a picture of them and get them on my computer.  I have to do that later.

I have a few things on my wishlist. A few? A lot actually, but a few that are more important than others. Sissel asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said everything on Bikuben. LOL. A few things that is on top my my list. That is:

  • cat’s eyes ink pads (green and yellow/orange colors)
  • paper cutter. I need to be able to cut straight lines!
  • Dies with christmas-, birthday- and newborn baby-theme.

I finished one more card today. Not 100% satisfied with it, but it’s ok. I’m gonna make at least one more today, maybe two. We’ll see how it goes. It takes time to make one. I don’t decide easily on what to do design-wise.

So far, I got nine cards. I counted and I need 13 cards in total. that means four more cards. I’m gonna ask if mum needs any cards. I will be glad to make her some too.

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