Oh my god!

I don’t care much for my birthdays and on friday I turned 30. The ‘oh so ugly’ 30! LOL! I never celebrate my birthday, because I don’t wanna make a lot of fuss about it. This year I spend my birthday on a restaurant with my parents and Hanne + Geir. I ate a delicious steak with creamy potatoes, creamy mushrooms and pepper sauce. And mum and I shared a lovely white wine. It was heavenly. I even ate more than dad! hah! That never happens. I was stuffed when we went home.

One good thing about having birthday is all the gifts you get. And I must say this year was super gift-wise. I got a red IKEA lamp, a red vase, a t-shirt, one Bruce DVD and one Bruce CD, super cool red hangers to have clothes on, a day planner for 2009, two books…  But the greatest gifts were the Sigma Blitz from Hanne and Geir and the Canon 50 mm f/1.4 lense my parents got me.

Oh my god! 50 mm lense! Woho! That lense rocks badly. I’ve used it for two days now and I’m in love with it.

Yesterday I put a picture up on flickr. It was of a cat and it was taken with my new lense. Normally cat pictures doesn’t create much trafic, comments and faves. But this… oh my! I had one comment when I went to Lisbeth at 4 o’clock yesterday. When I checked when I came home today around 3 o’clock I had 20 comments and 16 faves. I was like ‘WTF???” Before i actually saw the comments I thought it had to be a mistake and that someone had spammed me. LOL. It has never happened to me before, so I’m a bit surprised.

With this new lense, I feel I can take some kick-ass pictures! hihi. I just need some sunlight, no wind and no clouds. Can anyone bring me that?

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