No new goals

I forgot to write something about my goals yesterday. I got caught up thinking about scrapping, that I forgot I think.

I haven’t made any new goals for this week. I debated with myself on sunday for a short while and found out I need more time to just focus on the goals I have set so far. It might seem like these goals I got is as easy as a walk in the park, but it’s not. Not all of them at least. I don’t wanna risk screwing up, so I keep things the way they are. It’s not bad to have the goals I got. And if I just maintain these goals, I will be very pleased.

I don’t need anything else right now. I’ll keep these goals for at least a week more. I’ll do a new evaluation on sunday, but I think I will keep my goals for next week too.

I think this was all I really wanted to say. I’m at the office and should work.

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