Opreation Judith!

A tidal wave with guilt hit me big time on tuesday. In the mail I got magazine Plan Norge sends out once in a while. What is Plan Norge you may wonder. Let me tell you. It’s an organisation that helps out people in other countires. It belongs to Plan International.

I have sponsor-child and have had that for years now. Her name is Judith and she comes from Uganda :) 

The magazine reminded me of the letter I got from her some months ago. After reading it I put it in my drawer, thinking I had to write her back and maybe send her something. The letter has been there since then and I have not written her back yet!

Ugh! I feel bad.

There were years I didn’t hear anything from her.  And she hasn’t heard anything from me either. I planned once to send her something, but I failed. I never sent anything.

Now I have to write her and send her something. And I can’t fail this time.  My plan is to write her a letter, attach some pictures of me and other things and a small gift.

The gift will be a big problem, because acording to Plan’s rules you can only send things that weight 150 gram or less. 150 gram? Hello! Does anybody know how little that is? It’s practically nothing.  So what can I send besides feathers and air? I was thinking some colorful pencils and maybe a pencil sharpener (in case she doesn’t have that). But it’s not going to be easy find that when the total weight has to be 150 grams.

Yesterday after work, I went downtown to have a look.  I didn’t find any I wanted to buy. While searching for something to send her, I caught myself thining ‘I don’t wanna buy her something too expensive’.

Oh my god!

Here I have more money that she maybe ever will see between her hands. And then I think to myself that I don’t wanna spend it on her, just because I feel like I can afford it. And the reason for that is that I really want to use it on myself. Spend it on clothes, concerts etc. I do send 220 NOK to Plan every month, but still… I think I could use a little extra moeny on buying her a gift.

I want to start on the project today, after work. Maybe I’ll go downtown today too?  To have a look. I know I’m spending some time tomorrow, downtown with Linda, a little shopping round. But I’m not sure I wanna use that time to look for this kind of thing.

The pictures I’m gonna send, I have to take first. I want a picture of myself, the building I live in, something from inside my apartment maybe, the cats, maybe my sister… I have lots of ideas here. Of course I do, it’s about photographing ;)

Hey ho. Let’s go!

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