Stutus report

Just a little status report on how things are going now that the first week is soon over:

  1. Walking: I’m good with the walking. I dread it every morning, but still I do it.
  2. Teeth: It’s like a walk in the park. Easy peasy. I’m doing great.
  3. Be in bed on time: Yesterday I failed be in bed by 22.30. I did one mistake and that was watching Grey’s Anathomy, even though I was recording it. The show ended 22.25 and after that I really, really wanted to blog because I had some ideas in my head I wanted to get down on paper. So I missed the time by 20 minutes. If I’d only turned off Grey’s and blogged while that was on. Then I would’ve made it to bed before 22.30. I’ll do better tonight!
  4. Fruit: It’s only the third day, but I’ve eaten fruit every day. This morning I had a banana. Bought it on my way to work. That was my breakfast, which means I have to eat something more soon, because I’m hungry. Yesterday I ate the rest of the grapes I bought on monday.

So all in all, I’m doing ok. But it’s only gone a week. And I never last more than a week or so. So this next week will be very importat.

Good luck to me!

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