While uploading a square picture to Flickr earlier today and idea popped into my mind. What if I could create cards out of pictures i take and sell them in batches of ten a pack? And since I uploaded a square picture, I thought – why not square cards?

The idea sounds so great in my mind.

it could be a pack of ten cards. Five different cards, two of each. And I would have to have envelopes in the same pack as well. The sell cards and envelopes like this at IKEA. Each pack would have a certain theme of course. Like black and white, autumn, flowers, cats etc etc. I already have a few square pictures I could use.

I could actually, use this idea as a gift (christmas, birthday). Give away my own cards in a set. Talk about shameless selfpromotion! Haha! Well, you got to do, what you got to do to get seen.

I think this is something to investigate further. I would need to find a place that can make cards out of digital pictures. Well, it’s not time for that now. Now it’s time for bed. I’m already 20 mins late. Sigh!

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