Fruits – the new goal!

Tomorrow is a new week and I need to set some new goals. Or… one new goal to be exact. I’ve come to the conclution to start slow, just to keep me going. No need to set the goals sky-high and watch myself fall flat on the ground right away. So that’s why I’m only setting one new goal. Of course I will keep the ones I’ve already made. So it will be as followed:

  1. Walk more. Walk the same routs as I did last week.
  2. Brush my teeth.
  3. Be in bed by 22.30
  4. Eat one fruit every day.

Fruit. Why do I have fruit on my goal-list? It’s as simple as this. I never eat fruit and that’s not good.  I should really eat fruit. It’s healty. Not sure why i don’t do it. It just doesn’t come naturally for me I think. Chocolate is what’s come natural for me. whaha. So this will be a real challange. It will be easier when the clementies are in the stores. I love clementies and I can eat a lot of those.

What I have to choose from is apples, bananas, green grapes, oranges and clementies when they arrive. What I can do, is to buy bananas and eat it on a slice of bread. That’s good. Oh, oh. Or even better. I can chop it up in thin slices, put them in a bowl, have sugar on them and fill up the bowl with milk. Yummy!

I’ll go to the groceristore near work tomorrow morning and buy some fruit. Or maybe I’ll do it when I’m out buying bread for the goofballs at the office. Either way, I’ll have fruits at the office before lunch!

Wish me all good luck with this week! Reports will come.

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