Day two!

So how are things going? Let me sum it up:

  1. Walking: Yesterday I was downtown and there wasn’t a chance to walk those routes I do when I’m not downtown. This morning I walked the routes I should walk – wearing high heels! Beat that! I feel I can keepn up the walking. Not sure how things will be when the winter sets in, but I’m not gonna worry about that now.  Oh, and I walk every day to the grocery store to buy bread for the office. That’s something.
  2. Teeth is clenaed :) This is the easiest task actually.
  3. Bedtime: I did good yesterday. Was in bed by 22.30. There wasn’t really anything to do, so it was pretty easy to go to bed last night.

Other things to mention? Well, I did go grocerishopping and I did one turn with the laundry. I also started on the card I said I was, but I’m not happy with it, so I think I have to start over.  I’ve found a quote to put on the card. Don’t remember who wrote it, but it goes like this: God chooses your relatives. Thank God you can choose your friends. heh. I thought that was little funny. It suits when I’m gonna give Linda this autumn-present.

Now I have to work! Can’t sit here an write at work! Shame on me!

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