The four flowers

I don’t remember if I told you about mums colleague who wanted pictures from me. Flower pictures. I think I did.

She wanted four pictures and now they’re ready. I got them printed last week, on monday it was. And on wednesday Linda and I, we went to IKEA. Then I bought the frames. I framed them on thursday just to see how it turned out. I couldn’t wait.

I think they look great, if I can say it myself. What do you think? my favourite is the bottom left I think.

I talked to mum here the other day to let her know that I’m done and that she can come pick up the pictures. While we were talking I asked her if she needed some more pictures. First mum thought I meant at home and she said she had enough in the kitchen. When I said I meant the school, she said I could decorate the whole school. I agreed on that. Said that would be a great thing to do. I’m not sure she was serious though.

I think the lunchroom would be a great place to start if I should decorate something at the school. I’m not sure what they would’ve wanted, but I’m sure I could’ve come up with something suitable for the room.

What I said to mum, was that if I should do it, I had to charge them. This thing for her colleague was for free, I only charge for the actual costs. If I’m gonna do some for the school I have to charge them. I’m not gonna do this for free.

And now I’m thining… if I’m gonna charge, i would have to make some sort of bill. And then I think I would need a establish a company – a one-man firm.  That leads to some questions…

  1. How do I establish a one-man firm?
  2. Does it cost anything?
  3. Do I have to file taxes on this firm?
  4. What would the name of the one man firm be? I know it has to include my name.

And problably more questions, but i can’t think of any now.

The only question I halfly have an answer to is no. 4. The name would be something with Lucky Town in it I guess. And my name of course, since one-man firms need to have their name included in the company name. Maybe Lucky Town Photography or something? Or… maybe something norwegian…. Lucky Town Foto.  I have a feeling I would use just as long time to figure out the name, as I did with my domain *sigh*

Well… all this is just out in the blue. I’m just dreaming away now. Nothing is certain. Most of it is highly uncertain as a matter of fact. So there is no need to worry  / stress.

Talking about I’ve made a new layout. It’s coming out quite nicely. Not finsished, but I’m on my way. I’ve added some new pictures and found a easy way to update quite easily. All I need is a bit discipline.  heh. Let’s see if I got that then….. ;)

2 responses to The four flowers

  1. chantie

    aaaah that would be so cool if you’d start a one-man-firm! i know how to do this in holland, but not in norway. it will probably make your tax reports a lot more complicated. you should get information from the national office of company registration, i don’t know what that is in norway. in holland, every company has to have a registration number from this office and they they are a company. if you are a one-person-operation, they have different rules than for bigger companies. there are different categories. perhaps your boss can tell you what this register office is! GOOD LUCK :D

  2. chantie

    PS i absolutely totally love the pix. inmy new house, i will put up all your pix too – finally ;) and alllllll the other pix i ever planned to get framed…. i think i can fill the whole hallway :P

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