the Speech!

It was New Years Eve. I had just gotten home from a party. It was around 03.30 and I had just fallen to sleep. Then I reccived a message from my sister. It said: I’m getting married this year. My first thought wasn’t ‘hey, Hanne is getting married’, but ‘eeek, I have to hold a speech’.

When your sister (or your brother for that matter)  is getting married, it is common that you hold a speech. You sort of have to. Well, nobody can force you of course, but everybody does it.

I am not a person who speaks up in public. I’m a quiet person and I’ve never held a speech before. When we had oral exames in school, I was always very nervous. My belly always twisted and I never came down before the whole nightmare was over.

In late July I started on the speech to my sister. I was surprisingly calm when I thought about it and when I came home from holiday the 5th I had only the beginning finished. But I did have an idea of what i wanted to say.

The following week I wrote little by little. Still I wasn’t that nervous about the thought of holding the speech – to my big surprise.

At the start of the last week, my speech was sort of ready. I two and a half computer written pages All I now needed to do, was to learn it by heart. I practised in bed, in the shower etc etc. I thought to myself that the real nervousness would kick in the day before or on the wedding day.

When I came home the day before the wedding, I found out my speech would be longer than my fathers. I also found out there were going to be 10 speeches. So i decided to cut down mine a bit. I dropped the least interesting paragraphes. Still, in the middle of the editing the last day, I was very calm.

The wedding day came and my speech were safely tucked in my black purse. I had to wait through the starter, the main course and into the desert before it was my turn. It was like 8 speeches before me. That would normally create a breakdown and my nerves would be sky-high. They weren’t.

I felt slightly twist in my belly when I understood that the next speake was going to be. But that was it.

My time came and within the first paragraph the ‘audience’ were laughing. As I talked to my sister, everybody laughed on the places I had hoped they would laugh. My siste shook her head by some of the things I said. Everybody clapped when I was finished. (they did this for everyone, so I wasn’t the only one)

I was so happy when I was finished. My sister thanked me for a lovely speech.  Standing there and make all those people laugh, made me happy. It was a great feeling.  I didn’t really know I had it in me, but apparently I do :)

After the dessert was over and we were able to strech our legs and walk around, I had so many coming up to me and telling me how great my speech was. Even one of my aunties and one of my uncles, that I don’t like that much, told me I was great :D The complemented on the way was telling the speech. It was almost like I told a story, some said. And that’s true. I did tell a few stories about me and Hanne when we were kids and then I had to tell it a certain way.

This whole experience took me by surprise. When did i became so calm about it? Why wasn’t I nervous like I used to be?  I’m almost in shock. I’m also happy. Now I know, like my friend Gro said, that it wasn’t that scary to hold the speech.

Now i know I can do it again.

YAY for me! :D

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