The puzzle is nearly finished

It’s wednesday and I’m feeling fine. Well, fine regarding all the things I have to do before saturday arrives. Not fine when it comes to my energylevel and overall status. I’m dead tired and the cold has no let go yet. But let’s not worry about that now.

On monday I got lots of stuff done. I managed to buy all the stuff I need for decorating my cake. I bought groceries, lots of milk and bread so I wouldn’t have to back anymore this week. My freezer is stuffed with dinner, so I’m good there. A did a little tiding up in my apartment when I came home. Then I put on a laundry. Late in the evening, too late acutally, I found the picture I’m gonna give mum, did a little post processing and sent it to Aker Foto by email.  I also had contact with Linda and she said I could come whenever I wanted.

Yesterday I went home. I visited Linda around 19.30 and didn’t leav until 22.00 ish. We talked a lot. It’s been a while since we saw each other and there were  lots to talk about; our vacations, the last working week etc. etc. She showed me pictures from her recent trips which was great. I helped her change her profile picture on facebook, cos that’s a kind of thing she doesn’ t know how to do.

Back from Linda, I got a bag with stuff for the wedding; a few purses, some hold-in stockings and cardigans / boleros. I’m gonna go for the black bolero and the black purse. My outfit is almost complete now.  I just have to find out what kind of stockings I’m gonna wear.

I talked to Ellen yesterday. We might go see Once tomorrow. It depends on how she feels. She told me she was starting to get sick (the cold), so she wasn’t sure how she would feel on thursday. I understand that! I hope she’s feeling fine :)

The speech, it’s not finished yet. I’m still working on it. I guess I’m gonna be ready on saturday… let’s hope so ;)

Today I’m going to pick up the photo after work. I’m also gonna do some work on the speech, pratice a lot etc. I need to do some more laundry and clean a lot (blargh, don’t wanna!!!). On the bright side, I’m gonna finish the Anne Frank book :) I tried to do that last night, but I couldn’t. When the clock turned 23.20 I had to shut out the light and sleep.

And now… I have to work!

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