Great vacation and Anne Frank

I visited Chantie last week. Had a one week vacation from Tuesday to Tuesday with my buttercup :) That was so much fun. We went shopping (bought a dress, a t-shirt, black pants, a jakcket, two rings), canal-boating, drinking (a glass of white wine cost less than 30 NOK – holy shit!), played rummy (34 games in one week!!), watched funny vidoe on youtube (Silence! I kill you!!) sent postcards to friends & family and went to museums. First Van Gogh and then Anne Frank museum.

We took lots of silly pictures. I managed to take some decent ones in between too. Some of them will be uploaded when I got the enegy to edit them. Not sure when that will be. Maybe Sunday or sometime next week?

Oh dear! Anne Frank was very interessting, but oh so depressing. I can’t imagine what the Jews must have gone through during the second world war.

We had been smart and purchased tickets online in advance. That meant we could pass the queue and just walk in for our tour. The whole tour / walk inside the museum took half an hour. We got to see the whole building where they hid for two years before they were found and deported to Auschwitz

It was quite an strange mood in the museum. You were allowed to talk loud and make noise, but everybody were silent and whispered when the spoke. It was not the right place to be loud.

The rooms were without furniture, but you could see a tiny replika of the rooms. That was really interessting to see. On the walls you could read quotes from her diary.

You could see a small interview with Anne’s father Otto, the only one in the family and the only one of the eight jews who hid in the building, that survived the war. You could also see a small interview with Miep Gies, one of their helpers, who still are alive today.

After the tour was over we went to the souvenier shop. They had Anne Frank’s diary there and in many languages. I looked for it in Norwegian and hoped they would have it. I think I’ve read some of the diary once, but not the whole thing. So I wanted to read it all. Luckily they had it in Norwegian too, so I bought that. Chantal bought it in Dutch.

On the way home from Amsterdam to Alkmaar we both started reading. A perfect oportunety while riding the train for more half an hour.

It’s Thursday now and I’ve read 180 pages. It’s a really interessting book. She writes so well, especially to have been only 13 years old when she started.

Last night I read a chapter so sad I had to stop reading, because I was crying so much. Read it here.


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