the Speech!

It was New Years Eve. I had just gotten home from a party. It was around 03.30 and I had just fallen to sleep. Then I reccived a message from my sister. It said: I’m getting married this year. My first thought wasn’t ‘hey, Hanne is getting married’, but ‘eeek, I have to hold a speech’.

When your sister (or your brother for that matter)  is getting married, it is common that you hold a speech. You sort of have to. Well, nobody can force you of course, but everybody does it.

I am not a person who speaks up in public. I’m a quiet person and I’ve never held a speech before. When we had oral exames in school, I was always very nervous. My belly always twisted and I never came down before the whole nightmare was over.

In late July I started on the speech to my sister. I was surprisingly calm when I thought about it and when I came home from holiday the 5th I had only the beginning finished. But I did have an idea of what i wanted to say.

The following week I wrote little by little. Still I wasn’t that nervous about the thought of holding the speech – to my big surprise.

At the start of the last week, my speech was sort of ready. I two and a half computer written pages All I now needed to do, was to learn it by heart. I practised in bed, in the shower etc etc. I thought to myself that the real nervousness would kick in the day before or on the wedding day.

When I came home the day before the wedding, I found out my speech would be longer than my fathers. I also found out there were going to be 10 speeches. So i decided to cut down mine a bit. I dropped the least interesting paragraphes. Still, in the middle of the editing the last day, I was very calm.

The wedding day came and my speech were safely tucked in my black purse. I had to wait through the starter, the main course and into the desert before it was my turn. It was like 8 speeches before me. That would normally create a breakdown and my nerves would be sky-high. They weren’t.

I felt slightly twist in my belly when I understood that the next speake was going to be. But that was it.

My time came and within the first paragraph the ‘audience’ were laughing. As I talked to my sister, everybody laughed on the places I had hoped they would laugh. My siste shook her head by some of the things I said. Everybody clapped when I was finished. (they did this for everyone, so I wasn’t the only one)

I was so happy when I was finished. My sister thanked me for a lovely speech.  Standing there and make all those people laugh, made me happy. It was a great feeling.  I didn’t really know I had it in me, but apparently I do :)

After the dessert was over and we were able to strech our legs and walk around, I had so many coming up to me and telling me how great my speech was. Even one of my aunties and one of my uncles, that I don’t like that much, told me I was great :D The complemented on the way was telling the speech. It was almost like I told a story, some said. And that’s true. I did tell a few stories about me and Hanne when we were kids and then I had to tell it a certain way.

This whole experience took me by surprise. When did i became so calm about it? Why wasn’t I nervous like I used to be?  I’m almost in shock. I’m also happy. Now I know, like my friend Gro said, that it wasn’t that scary to hold the speech.

Now i know I can do it again.

YAY for me! :D

The puzzle is nearly finished

It’s wednesday and I’m feeling fine. Well, fine regarding all the things I have to do before saturday arrives. Not fine when it comes to my energylevel and overall status. I’m dead tired and the cold has no let go yet. But let’s not worry about that now.

On monday I got lots of stuff done. I managed to buy all the stuff I need for decorating my cake. I bought groceries, lots of milk and bread so I wouldn’t have to back anymore this week. My freezer is stuffed with dinner, so I’m good there. A did a little tiding up in my apartment when I came home. Then I put on a laundry. Late in the evening, too late acutally, I found the picture I’m gonna give mum, did a little post processing and sent it to Aker Foto by email.  I also had contact with Linda and she said I could come whenever I wanted.

Yesterday I went home. I visited Linda around 19.30 and didn’t leav until 22.00 ish. We talked a lot. It’s been a while since we saw each other and there were  lots to talk about; our vacations, the last working week etc. etc. She showed me pictures from her recent trips which was great. I helped her change her profile picture on facebook, cos that’s a kind of thing she doesn’ t know how to do.

Back from Linda, I got a bag with stuff for the wedding; a few purses, some hold-in stockings and cardigans / boleros. I’m gonna go for the black bolero and the black purse. My outfit is almost complete now.  I just have to find out what kind of stockings I’m gonna wear.

I talked to Ellen yesterday. We might go see Once tomorrow. It depends on how she feels. She told me she was starting to get sick (the cold), so she wasn’t sure how she would feel on thursday. I understand that! I hope she’s feeling fine :)

The speech, it’s not finished yet. I’m still working on it. I guess I’m gonna be ready on saturday… let’s hope so ;)

Today I’m going to pick up the photo after work. I’m also gonna do some work on the speech, pratice a lot etc. I need to do some more laundry and clean a lot (blargh, don’t wanna!!!). On the bright side, I’m gonna finish the Anne Frank book :) I tried to do that last night, but I couldn’t. When the clock turned 23.20 I had to shut out the light and sleep.

And now… I have to work!


It’s Monday and a new week has arrived. I really hope this week will be better than last week – the suicide week. Last week was horrible. I went back to work on Monday, after two weeks in heaven. And I went back to work super tired, with sore throat, aching body, upset belly and what not… The cold and my period came crashing on me at the same time. Hallelujah!


The cold hasn’t let go and I feel like I’m running on 70% energy here. I just hope I’ll feel better at the end of the week, when Hanne is getting married. I will need to be 100 % on Saturday, since I’m going to take a lot of pictures and held a speech for Hanne.


I have a feeling this week will be loaded with things to do. It will be quit busy actually. There are still things that aren’t finished regarding the wedding.


Hanne’s speech, it’s not finished yet. I need to finish it and start practise on it. I should know it by heart. And I’m not nearly there yet. I will have the whole speech written down words by words in case I miss out on something. My nerves haven’t set in yet, saturday is too far away yet I think. But on Friday I think they will kick in!


I promised Hanne to make a chocolate cake for her wedding. The cake is done, but not the decorations. I will decorate it on Friday together with mum. We have some cakes to decorate. But before I can decorate I have to find something to decorate it with. I want to make it spectacular. I’ve been looking at decorating stuff, but haven’t decided what to go for.


I still have no purse and jacket to go with my dress! I’ve asked a friend of mine if she has something to borrow me. I haven’t got her reply yet. If she has something, I will have to go home to Lierfoss one of the days this week to check it out. Not sure when that will be. And if she doesn’t have anything, I have to go look once more. I’ve seen some purses, but I don’t want to pay 300 NOK for a purse I only will use a few times. It is lots of other things I would like to spend my money on.


I have also agreed on going to the cinema with Ellen this week. We’re going to see Once, an Irish movie. We haven’t decided when yet. It has to be before Friday, because my weekend is fully booked.


And in addition to that, I have things to do at home, like clean my whole apartment, take out all my bags full of paper and deliver it for recycling, change my bed, wrap Hanne & and Geir’s present, write the card, laundry x many times and maybe some other things I can’t remember right now.


Oh and I would like to find that last picture I’m going to give mum, that she will hang up in the livingroom next to the four others they have. It would be nice if I could get that developed this week, because she’s been asking about it for a long time now. I have to do that when I come home today; find the picture I want to use, adjust it in PS if needed, and send it to photo-store by email. They’ll have it ready within 24 hours. :)


I have go do some grocery shopping today too. I have to make a list at the end of this work-day and do the shopping today. If I’m smart, I don’t have to go to the grocerystore anymore this week. But then I have to remember all the things I need… fat chance! I always forget something!


Sigh. When I come home I need to have a close look and see if I can find my other memory card, size 1 GB. I need that for the wedding. I already have one, but I need another one. I asked Hanne if she had one I could borrow. She directed me to Geir. He said they had a different kind and didn’t think that would work with my camera. He was right. So now I have to buy myself another one if I can’t find it. Let’s hope I’ll find it. Ahh. I think I know where it is – in the other camera!


It’s time to wrap things up. I shouldn’t be blogging while I’m at work. Got tons of work to do, so need to get going.


Hey ho, let’s go! Good thing I got some music to listen to while working. Now it’s Ulf Lundell. He’s great!



Don’t stop the music

I’ve just recived a newsletter from that gives me the latest news about music acts in Oslo (at Rockefeller, Sentrum Scene and John Dee).

It looks like it’s going to be a great fall music-wise. The only thing that worries me is my wallet. I’m not sure if I can afford all the concerts I wanna go see!

So far, I’ve decided to go see Lars Winnerbäck in September, Amy McDonald in late October and Ulf Lundell in early Novenber. And I think I’ve said yes to go see Katie Melua. Linda wants to go. I also wanna go see Bo Kaspers Orkester (swedish group), but that’s not at the top at my list.

I see that the Lemonheads are coming to John Dee. I’ve already asked Ellen if she wanna go and she said yes. Even though she doesn’t know them. That’s the girl I like! I have to give her some cd’s so she can get a hint of what they’re like. I remember I went to a festival years ago and the Lemonheads were playing. I only heard the two last songs or something, but immediately heard they were something to check out. I did and I loved them. Their best album is It’s a Shame About Ray. Lovely, goofy pop songs.

Then I saw that Tracy Chapman is coming in November. I would like to see her too. But the tickets are 500 nok and that’s quite expensive for a concert at Rockefeller. But she’s famous and I guess she can ask for such a price… When Ellen now responded yes to the Lemonheads, she also asked if I wanted to see Tracy Chapman. I was like; wow, I’ve ‘just’ been thinking of her too. What a coincidence!

And… there is another concert that would be great. Åge Aleksandersen. That guy is a cool rocking Norwegian guy. He’s out with a new album now, well this summer, and I’m sure that concert would be great. I’ve seen him before and that concert was awesome in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll have anyone who wants to see Åge with me… oh well, it’s not on the top on my list.

So if I add this up, it will be:

– Lars Winnerbäck
– the Lemonheads
– Amy McDonald
– Ulf Lundell
– Katie Melua
– Tracy Chapman, maybe…
– Bo Kaspers Orkester, mabye…
– Åge Aleksandersen, maybe…

And god knows what more acts they will come with as days past… :S

Somebody needs to save up some money. Not that I have so much money to save up though… heh. Thank god, I bought a few new clothes cheeply in the Netherlands last week.

Great vacation and Anne Frank

I visited Chantie last week. Had a one week vacation from Tuesday to Tuesday with my buttercup :) That was so much fun. We went shopping (bought a dress, a t-shirt, black pants, a jakcket, two rings), canal-boating, drinking (a glass of white wine cost less than 30 NOK – holy shit!), played rummy (34 games in one week!!), watched funny vidoe on youtube (Silence! I kill you!!) sent postcards to friends & family and went to museums. First Van Gogh and then Anne Frank museum.

We took lots of silly pictures. I managed to take some decent ones in between too. Some of them will be uploaded when I got the enegy to edit them. Not sure when that will be. Maybe Sunday or sometime next week?

Oh dear! Anne Frank was very interessting, but oh so depressing. I can’t imagine what the Jews must have gone through during the second world war.

We had been smart and purchased tickets online in advance. That meant we could pass the queue and just walk in for our tour. The whole tour / walk inside the museum took half an hour. We got to see the whole building where they hid for two years before they were found and deported to Auschwitz

It was quite an strange mood in the museum. You were allowed to talk loud and make noise, but everybody were silent and whispered when the spoke. It was not the right place to be loud.

The rooms were without furniture, but you could see a tiny replika of the rooms. That was really interessting to see. On the walls you could read quotes from her diary.

You could see a small interview with Anne’s father Otto, the only one in the family and the only one of the eight jews who hid in the building, that survived the war. You could also see a small interview with Miep Gies, one of their helpers, who still are alive today.

After the tour was over we went to the souvenier shop. They had Anne Frank’s diary there and in many languages. I looked for it in Norwegian and hoped they would have it. I think I’ve read some of the diary once, but not the whole thing. So I wanted to read it all. Luckily they had it in Norwegian too, so I bought that. Chantal bought it in Dutch.

On the way home from Amsterdam to Alkmaar we both started reading. A perfect oportunety while riding the train for more half an hour.

It’s Thursday now and I’ve read 180 pages. It’s a really interessting book. She writes so well, especially to have been only 13 years old when she started.

Last night I read a chapter so sad I had to stop reading, because I was crying so much. Read it here.


No more posts.