The Bruce Springsteen Story

It was in ’85 it all started. I was turning seven and Bruce had released Born in the USA. I don’t remember much from being seven, but I remember I loved the song Born in the USA.

My sister was hooked on Bruce and she influenced me. She loved Bruce and I took up on that. When I was eleven or twelve I got a mixtape filled with Bruce song for my birthday. My sister gave me this. I listened to that tape over and over and over.

1993 was a special year for me. It was the year of my first Springsteen concert. I remember the news on the front page of a huge Norwegian newspaper. I went screaming and running around the house. Then I called my best friend Linda who also loves Bruce as much as me. We went crazy together.

That summer in 93, I didn’t listen to other music than Bruce. He was constantly in my new cd-player for three months. Every time I turned off his music, I said out loud: Sorry Bruce, but I have to turn off now.

From that year, I started to collect things about Bruce. I cut out things about him from newspapers. Every little thing I could come over that included Bruce were safely cut out and stored in a plastic bag. I’ve bought a huge flag, calendars, buttons, t-shirts from concerts etc. My bedroom was filled with a huge Springsteen poster and pictures. Everything that I saw on TV was recorded.

Me and my friend Linda, we decided that when we died, we were going to take a picture of Bruce with us in the coffin. And they were going to play ‘the River’ at the funeral, because that was one of our fave songs at the time. Crazy, huh?

Quite early I decided I needed all his music on CD. It wasn’t enough with just a few mix-tapes. My first CD ever was Bruce Springsteen (un)plugged. My sister gave that CD and a Norwegian music magazine called Beat (with a huge Bruce interview) when I got confirmed. I think that, and the stereo my parents gave me, was the best gift I got for my confirmation.

Now that I got every official CD release, I’ve turned to LP’s. I love the sound of the LP and what better is there than Springsteen on LP? I collect old, used Springsteen LP’s and some rare un-official live recordings. I don’t have much, just a few, but the collection will grow.

I also got some books about Bruce and the E Street Band. I love reading about them.

This is the latest. A new LP (Greetings from Asbury Park), a new old magazine and various clippings from this weeks newspapers.

Now, almost 20 years after the madness started, I still collect clippings about Bruce and the E Street Band. It’s just something I can’t stop doing. I think it would feel unnatural to not cut out pieces about him, for some odd reason. I have a huge map with all sorts of things stored.

After the concert in ’93 I thought this would be the last time I would be able to see him. I said that in ’96 and ’99 too, when he played in Oslo. When he came in ’03 I stopped saying it. I knew then that it was impossible to predict what would be the last concert. After ’03, I’ve seen him twice in ’05 (with the Seeger Session Band), twice in ’07 (once in Oslo and once with my friend Chantal in Arnhem / Netherlands) and now two days a row, Monday and Tuesday, in Oslo. On Tuesday I had my 10th concert anniversary when I think about it :)

My best Bruce memory? That’s easy. It was in May 2005. Bruce was in town and he always stays at Grand Hotel. I was downtown doing some errands after work. Then mum called me. She’d heard on the radio that Bruce might be coming out of the hotel. I walked over to the hotel to see if there was anyone there. I saw some other people waiting and decided to stick around for a while. I ended up staying there for two hours – two long hours. But it was so worth it. Bruce came out. I had my camera ready and took a shot of him. He was walking right by me. It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing your idol one meter way from you.
The picture I took, turned out all blurry, but that doesn’t matter. I know it’s him :) I was so happy and ecstatic after he’d left half a minute later. My legs were like spaghetti and my hands were shaking. First I called my mum and thanked her for the lead on where Bruce was. Then I called my friend Linda and then my sister.

So what is it about this man that appeals so much to me? It’s a combination of lots of things.

His music, they way he writes, what he writes about… everybody can recognize something familiar in what he writes. He’s the everyday man who writes about universal things that everyone can relate to.

Bruce is a very down-to-earth man. He’s the man in the street and doesn’t want to be something else. Being famous hasn’t turned him crazy like other turn out. An example of that is this story I read in the newspaper thursday morning.

Bruce went for a walk in the Vigeland-park in Oslo wednesday night (around 22.00). He sees a small group of people (in their early twenties I think) sitting and drinking bear and having a good time. He walks over, sits down and has a chat. The group offers him a beer, he accepts. For half an hour he sits there, talking sharing stories etc. He said that doing things like that brings him closer to people and its fun and giving to feel the reaction this leads to. You got to love a man like that!

It’s not a downside that he’s quite charming and handsome too. His great smile and laughter; can anyone resist that? ;)

My fave Springsteen album and song? It’s hard to say. Album… it all depends on the mood I guess. It might be Darkness on the Edge of Town. Born in the USA is a great album too, with lots of fantastic songs.  When it comes to songs, I think I have to say Thunder Road from Born to Run. It’s a fantastic song and after I once heard him explain the song, tell us what it meant, how it’s built etc, I just loved it even more!

As a last thing, I have to say I’m blessed to have a friend I can share my Bruce-mania with. It’s nice to be two in all the madness!

Summer sighs and mmmm’s

It’s 25 degrees outside, sunny and warm. Still I sigh!

I was supposed to meet my friend Linda today for a Bruce-evening at her parents house. Her brother lives there and he as a cool projector where we can get Bruce up in high-resolution. That’s not gonna happen. She has totally forgotten about the date we had. In stead she’s in fucking Åmål (Sweden) with a friend. Tonje’s parents, they have an apartment there and that’s where they are. They will be home tomorrow I think.

And how did I find out this? Well… let me tell me. I found out an hour ago I wanted to make a chocolate cake. I thought I could bring some to the Bruce-evening. So I started to find all the ingredience I needed. Soon I found out I didn’t have enough flour. And since I’m stuck in nowhere-land (aka Lierfoss),  without a car, I needed to be creative. I took my bike and biked up to my uncle. It’s a two minutes ride. He wasn’t home! Argh. So then I biked back home again. Then I went to see Linda’s mum, Vigdis, who lives like 200 meters away.

She had just enough flour for me. I emptied her jar though. hihi. I sat there for a little whille talking about this and that. Vigdis said Linda was in Åmål. I was like oh, she’s there… I didn’t say anything to it. There wasn’t any necceserry to let her know Linda totally had forgotten about me. So, a little annoyed, I went home to start on my cake.

Back home, I turned on Bruce so I could have something to cheer me up a bit. Suddenly it hit me. For the cake I need four eggs, not two like I had thought. I know the recepie by heart, but today my mind failed for some odd reason. And guess who only had two eggs? Correct – me!

I thought about going back to Vigdis again, but felt stupid to go back. She was on her way out of the house anyway… So I didn’t go back. In stead I called mum to make her bring some eggs home. She and dad, they are helping Hanne & Geir painting in their new apartment. It might take forever before they’re back. *sigh* I tried to ask them about eta, but she couldn’t give me any!

So now I’m stuck here wihtout a Bruce evening, so far no cake and slightly bad mood. Great ay? Jippi ka-hey :)

Oh god, just whining… I can’t have a whole entry about just me whining!! There is a few good things around here too.

  1. Icecream in the fridge.
  2. My Håkan Nesser book; Münster’s case.
  3. The sun outside.
  4. Bruce loud from the speakers.
  5. My canon EOS 400D that’s right beside me.
  6. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  7. Hotdogs with cheese in them. YUM!

I’m your fan

Cohens bllissfull smile

Wow! That man is amazing. I’m refering to Leonard Cohen who I saw with mum at Bislett Stadion today (or yesterday actually because it’s past  midnight).

I’m so happy I bought a ticket to this concert. Cohen is a guy I’ve liked for a long time. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’ve always loved his hits. I remember mum bought The Future on cassette in ’92. I think that is the earliest memory I have of Cohen. Looking back on that album I see several great songs; like The Future, Anthem, Closing Time and Democracy. He and the band played them all.

That man, his voice is incredible. It’s deep and beautiful. With the lyrics it comes nothing less than beautiful. I love what he stated before the song Anthem.

Forget your perfect offering.  
There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.

What he says is so true. There is no such thing as perfect. Perfect is an illusion.

Cohen started with Dance Me To the End of Love – a great song. And it didn’t stop there. More hits came. Like Everybody Knows, Suzanne, Tower of Song, Anthem, the Future, Ain’t No Cure For Love and Democrazy. There were more known songs than unknown.

He had a 15 minute break after an hour. The man is 73 years old, so I understand the long break. After the break more hits came like Hallelujah, I’m Your Man, Take This Waltz and First We Take Manhatten. I’m not sure in which order all songs came, but that doesn’t really matter.

I had totally forgot about Hallelujah and was very pleased to hear that song. We’e (people in Norway) have been cursed with a cover version of Hallelujah sung by Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen Alejandro Fuentes og Askil Holm. It’s not that they did a bad job, the did great. But the radio stations played it over and over and over and over and over again. And then some more. I got sick and tired of that song. We all did. So it’s nice to hear the song sung by the orign artist :) Those four Norwegian guys has nothing compared to Cohen.

The thing that I will remember the most about this concert is how blissfull he looked. That smile on his face; it looked like he was so thankfull for all the people who had come and cheered on him after evey song.

After this concert, I will remember him as a gentleman and a very sweet old man.

Place: Bislett Stadion.
Audience: around 12.000
Age: 30 + (adult audience)
How long: about 2h. 50 mins including a 15 min break.

It might be the only concert of him I will get to see. At age 73, you don’t do world tours every year! I’m going to bed as a happy girl tonight.

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