Blargh! I got the urge to eat some candy or icecream. But I’m out in the desert now (my parents house) and the kiosks and gas stations closes at 22.00 (rolls eyes) so I’m doomed. DOOMED!

I’m four days out in my vacation and I feel great, except from dead tired – haha. So what have I been up to since my vacation started. Nothing much. I’ve taken it easy. On wednesday I visited Gro and we had dinner, including her husband. I love her husband, he’s always so funny. He makes me laugh / smile.

On thursday I slutted around, took a lot of picture, posted some of them on flickr, watched TV, ate candy and icecream. I can’t recall doing anything usefull. Just the way vacation should be.

Yesterday I went home to my parents house. Before I went home I went to Rikshospitalet (hospital) with mum. She was getting some results from some tests she’s been doing. Everything was fine and she was very releaved. After I came home I ate dinner and then visted Linda. We talked; I gave her my update, she gave me hers, she gave me some shocking news, etc. Music was on (Bruce among others) and we ate popcorn. Yum!  

Today I’ve spent a lot of time with dad, which have been great. We and mum went to Oslo. Mum would go shopping, like she always do. So she did that, while me and dad went eating at Egons. I ate my usual backed potato and it was delish. Then we went down to Aker Brygge and around that area. We stopped at Kaffebrenneriet (cafe) for icecream and a break.

Mum took a bus home and we went to a footbal match in Drammen (twenty mins from Oslo). We knew it would be a waste of money to go see that match, but we still did. Our team is so so so in deep shit and they play like it’s the first time they’ve had footbal shoes on. Blargh. When the match was over, our suspisions had been right. It was a sucky match, we lost and we threw over 500 NOK out the window. Thank god, I didn’t pay for that ticket.

Tomorrow I’m hopefully seeing Linda again. We halfly planned to meet. And I’m going to see her brother. I got some music for him; Lars Winnerbäck live, Amy Mac Donald, Anna Ternheim maybe and Damien Rice. I love exchange music with him. And he apprecialte it so much too. It’s always nice to

And what’s the plans for next week? Me and mum are going to see Leonard Cohen play at Bislett (Oslo) on tuesday. We’ll be having dinner at Mr. Hong first. Mr. Hong is my fave place to eat in Oslo. Their mongolian buffet is just great!!! I’m gonna visit Ellen one day too, either monday or wednesday. I think it will be wednesday.

At friday I’m meeting Linda and Terje. We’re having a Bruce-evening ;) Gonna watch Bruce on dvd. Terje has a big projector so we’ll get Bruce in high resolution :D Just the way we like it! Yum! Yum!

I have to go to IKEA one day too. Want to buy a box on weels where I can put my LP’s. I’ve seen one nice box that I want to paint either red or orange. We’ll see how that goes.

What I really should do while I got vacation, is to make a budget or have a overlook at my finances. I have no clue on what my statues is right now. I  know what’s on my account and what people owe me, but that’s about it. Oh and I have to go to my bank and exchange all my coins. I just got an idea… what if i exchange them in euros – then I’ll have money for vacation. At least some. It’s nice to have some euro in cash. Not sure if the bank can give me euro right away or if they have to order it though. They probably have to order it.

It’s eleven days until my salery comes in. And the vacation money. I’ve already got some. I asked to get 2300 NOK and i got that last friday – at the same time as I paid Linda for the festival ticket. Then it’s 4.700 NOK left of the vacation money if I’m not mistanken. I’ve already forgotten how much I’m getting. Doh. So typical me. And the papers are not here, they are in Oslo. Sigh. Why do I have to get the urge for things I can’t have / are impossible? Now I want to sort my money issues. And I want candy. I can’t either of them….

I should stop writing, before it gets all blabbery. Uhm… it might have already gotten to that state. haha. I have written awefully lot tonight. Sometimes I just go on and on and on… It’s like my mind won’t put to rest and my fingers won’t stop typing.

Please. Stop. Now.

Ok. Ok. I’m off. Off to listen to Amy MacDonald’s song This is the Life once more…


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  1. well babe….after this evening i have nothing more to say then: BLAH. it was a good evening. i would have liked to stay longer, but i have to teach a class at 10:00 tomorrow morning. i have to say your last post was entertaining ;) oh and i know the feeling of always wanting the things you can’t have – it’s the story of my life…. i hope you’re sleeping well and dreaming of mountains of candy… love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox C.

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