A new direction?

I talked to my boss this morning. I told her I might not have enough work to do when I come home from my vacation. It will be the 9th of July. I know July is slow and I’ve experienced less work coming my way that time a year. Everybody got there vacation at that time. We, as in Norway, have joint vacation three weeks in July. Nobody wants new internet connection then. There is also less other things to do. And I’m almost done with the things I had plan to do in July. I’m very up to date with my work and that’s a nice thing.

My boss told me there wouldn’t be any problem. She had things for me to do. We have clients without contracts that we need to fix. And she said something else too….

We have a lot of clients on ADSL with a low speed. We want to upgrade them / give them more speed. And of course make them pay more, I guess. Depends on what they pay now of course. Bente Iren wanted me to try out that job. That means I’ll sort of be a sales-woman. Oh god. I’ve never seen myself as a sales woman.

But others have, believe it or not. My colleague Trine, she thinks I will do great. She has acutally mentioned it to Bente Iren. And I guess that’s why Bente Iren wants to give it a try. Bente Iren mentioned it a while ago and I just laughed and said no to it. I wouldn’t fit for sale.

But who knows… Maybe I’ll do great? Uhm… don’t think so. To be honest, I have no idea where Trine got her hunch from. What does she see in me that makes me a sales woman? I simply can’t see it.

Well, I said to Bente Iren I’ll give it a try. To try won’t hurt. The worst thing that can happen, is that I fail. And I won’t lie down and cry because of it. That’s because I have so low expectations. It will be more like ‘see, I didn’t make it’, than ‘ oh no, I suck – let me sit here and sob for a while’. ;)

Uhm… I’m not getting paid to blog, so I better start do some real work. First thing I’m gonna do is to clean my desk. It’s important to have a clean desk when you start wokring. It makes things easier and it’s more inviting to work.

I’m gonna pick up on that email Chantie once sent me about being positive. There’s no use in just whine. Whining won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

Hey ho, lets go :)


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