Status update…

Mums two pictures got picked up yesterday. Finally. I ordered the pictures online last tuesday and went down to the photo-store on wednesday, but they were temporarly closed. So I had to wait. I tried to pick them up on thursday too, but the store was still closed. I emailed them on friday, on a temp email adresse they had writte on a piece of paper on the store-door.  They wrote me back and said they hoped to be open on monday. Yesterday I called them and luckily they had opened again.

The pictures came out nice. It’s not my fave pictures, but my mum liked them, so I should be happy. They are in the same color-range (green, red and white) and that’s good. They will look good next to each other :)

I’m not any closer to finishing my flower-pictures. It was sunny outside yesterday, but too windy for my liking. It’s hard to get a good picture when the wind is blowing and the flowers are moving all the time.

Today it will be raining. At least that’s what the weather cast said this morning. 16 degrees, no sun and some rain. YAY for that…

I just have to edit some of the pictures I already have taken. I did take a few ones monday evening. Maybe one of them will work? Lets hope so.


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