Last year, for mums birthday, I have her pictures I’d taken myself. It was two pictures of our cats that hangs in my sisters old room, two pictures of our garden / property that hangs in the kitchen and three flower-pictures that hangs in my mums office at the school I work.

For her birthday this year I gave her two new pictures to hang up in the kitchen. The white wall needed two more to be complete. It’s two more pictures of our property / garden.

The pictures in her office has gotten a lot of complements from her colleagues. They all like them. And mum is so proud and tell them all that it’s me that has taken them :) 

Now has one of her colleague, who has her office next to mum, asked if I can take some pictures for her office too. Cool, ay? She wants flower-pictures just like my mum has. I’m not sure how many she wants, but I think I’ll be taking four pictures.

I will concentrate on wild-growing flowers out in the nature I think.  Not flowers bought in a market and put in a pot n the balcony. That’s my plan at least. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve taken some pictures already, but I’m not satisified with them. I need these pictures to be 100% perfect.

I’ll present the result on my flickr account and post a link here when I’m finished!

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