Mums birthday

It’s mums birthday on saturday. And of course I’ve made her a card. Since it’s summer, I chose a green and yellow theme. I like this card a lot.

As a birthday-gift I’ve put together a few things:

– a dvd with Trond Viggo Torgersen. (funny comedian / tv guy). It was on sale.

– two pictures of Lierfoss. Taken by me, choosen by mum.

– four square plastic things to have under your plate when you eat. I have no idea what it’s called. I don’t even remember the norwegian word for it at the moment. Total blackout. lol. They were on sale :)

– a cake with candles on top. One candle for each letter in her name. Very cute!

I’m making the cake today and I’m going home tomorrow to celebrate her :)




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