Ellen’s “congrats on a new home card”

Ellen\'s cardYet another card made. This was for Ellen. She’s resently moved to Oslo and moved into a rented apartment the 1st of May. Yesteday I visted her for the first time. Of course I needed to bring a housewarming gift. I bought a yellow and off-white stripy tea-cup and some fresh tea (ceylon breakfast tea).

The was happy about the gift and the card! :) When she’s happy, I’m happy.

When I was visitng her, we made dinner (mexican stue), chatted a lot, played some board game (the worst case senario game) and Yatzee. We also saw Pimp My Ride, which is an awesome show. The best MTV has to offer. That doesn’t really say much because MTV is mostly just crapy (realityshow and stupid lets-hurt-ourself-looking-stupid-and-laugh-at-it-later-showes!) Where’s the fucking music?! Why not change their name to DTV – Dumbass Television? 

We had a lovely evening. I went home around 21.15 ish with a plastic bag full of my own cd’s that Ellen had borrowed. On the subway home I read in Natt & Dag (night & day) – a free magazine.

Respond to Ellen’s “congrats on a new home card”

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