Ellen’s “congrats on a new home card”

Ellen\'s cardYet another card made. This was for Ellen. She’s resently moved to Oslo and moved into a rented apartment the 1st of May. Yesteday I visted her for the first time. Of course I needed to bring a housewarming gift. I bought a yellow and off-white stripy tea-cup and some fresh tea (ceylon breakfast tea).

The was happy about the gift and the card! :) When she’s happy, I’m happy.

When I was visitng her, we made dinner (mexican stue), chatted a lot, played some board game (the worst case senario game) and Yatzee. We also saw Pimp My Ride, which is an awesome show. The best MTV has to offer. That doesn’t really say much because MTV is mostly just crapy (realityshow and stupid lets-hurt-ourself-looking-stupid-and-laugh-at-it-later-showes!) Where’s the fucking music?! Why not change their name to DTV – Dumbass Television? 

We had a lovely evening. I went home around 21.15 ish with a plastic bag full of my own cd’s that Ellen had borrowed. On the subway home I read in Natt & Dag (night & day) – a free magazine.

Lovely saturday in the sun

Linda called me yesterday, right when I was on my way up. I slept long yesterday. She was in Oslo and wondered if we could meet up. She wanted to visit the new opera house. So did it.

So she came and we went downtown. First we went to the opera house. It was sunny and lovely weather. Lots of people visited the new opera house.

The opera will be a big tourist magnet this summer. It is such a great architecture-piece. It’s located by the harbour and it’s surrounded by the fjord. You can walk on the roof of the opera and that’s pretty cool.

Note to self! I have to go back to the opera house to take more pics. I think I can get some great pics. Look out for them on flickr! :)

After the opera, we walked around the city – eating icecream, enjoying the sun and visiting a few stores. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything… Ok. Ok. I confess. I did buy a few things. A new bathroom rug (on sale), part of a birthday gift for mum (also on sale) and a new scissor for my hair.

When I’m with Linda, it’s impossible to not spend any money. Sigh. Is it bad of me to almost lay the blame on Linda for my shopping? :p

On our “tour” downtown we saw a parade for legalizing hash, a woman with way too little clothes on and a girl sitting in a stair just finished puking! *shakes head*

We ended the day in Oslo by eathing chicken and white bread at my place. We also ate chocolate-cake, looked at pictures and listened to Bruce and Robyn.

I went home to Lierfoss with Linda. We went straight out to visit Tonje at work (gas station) when we came home. Then we rented a movie (Varg Veum no. II) and saw that with Linda’s friend Ragnhild. The movie was good. Not as good as the last Varg Veum movie I saw with Ellen two weeks ago, but still ok. Just as you know it, the main characther is hot hot hot ;) He’s a good actor too – it’s not just his looks.

Yet another new card

This card is for my friend Bjørg. She had her birthday yesterday. I haven’t been able to give it to her yet. I haven’t got a present either. I’m a little clueless on what to buy. A gift certificate is an easy solution, but I don’t know… it’s a bit boring. I’ll see what I’ll come with.

I’ll have another card to make too. Ellen is moving these days and I need a card that goes with the housewarming gift I’ve bought her. I’ll try to make the card today! Let’s hope I’m inspred!  


the Shining Hour

When I was something between 16 – 18 (my memory’s gone bad!) my sister introduced me to an american group called Grant Lee Buffalo. It didn’t take long before I was sold. Their second album Mighty Joe Moon took me by storm and is their best! Their first album Fuzzy is great too. I listened to those two albums a lot.

The band slip after two more releases – the last one in 98′ After that Grant Lee Phillips went solo. He’s released some nice albums on his own; Mobilize and Virginia Creepers are fine examples!

I never thought I would be able to see Grant Lee Phillips live. I never thought that opportunety would came, but I was wrong. Last night he played at Rockefeller. I was there! :)

Luckily I got a friend that likes Grant Lee too.  So Ellen and I went to see him last night. I also got the ticket cheeper than normal. Since I subscribe on Aftenposten (newspaper), I’ve got a discount card, I can use on different acitivities.  I saved 60 NOK on each ticket. Woot! :)

Ellen came to me ater work was done. We ate home-made mashed potatoes and weiners.  Not long a go I bought a new food-color and it was time to test it out.

Mashed potatoes

This is how it came out. It looks more like mashed carrots or something. After dinner we shared a bottle of white wine. A riesling, which tasted ok, but nothing more. I’ve had better wines, but worse too.

We were at Rockefeller almost right in time before the support act started – Seven Doors Hotel. Norwegian band, but the singer was solo now. He played some songs, in sort of the same alley as Grant-Lee. He was ok. I’ll have to check out that band later some time.

Grant Lee was great! He song some new songs and lot of old ones. He even song some requested songs. Early in the show he said that if someone had a request, they shouldn’t be afriad to shout it out. It might happen that he would sing it. three song were requested and he sang them :)

The song that made me the most happy was my two fave songs Mighty Joe Moon & Fuzzy and Honey Don’t think, Jupiter and Teardrop, the Hook, Mockingbirds, Rock of Ages, Happiness, Lone Star Song and the Shining Hour.

I’ll live on this concert for a long time. Until my next one. Uhm… that won’t take long, cos I’m gonna see Kurt Nilsen next saturday with my Dutch Tulip Chantie :D

I was home around midnight. Then I ate some in front of the TV and fell alseep there. Only for a good 15 mins I think, but still… *shakes head*

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